[RUMOR] Sony In Talks To Acquire Demon's Souls Bluepoint Games

SIE Worldwide Studios could be adding Demon’s Souls-developer Bluepoint Games under its banner very soon. According to sources, Sony and Bluepoint are currently at the final stage of the agreement.

This comes from ResetEra user MarsipanRumpan, who claims that they have sources familiar with the development team at Bluepoint Games. “According to my source that is familiar with the development team Bluepoint Games, they’re finalizing a deal right now,” they wrote. “It seems like Demon’s Souls was kind of the ‘final test’, and based on positive reactions, and the fact that Bluepoint’s work ethic has proven impressive once again Sony started acquisition-based talks with the studio.”

From Bluepoint’s Angle

Bluepoint wants to make sure they get a shot at an original IP. They don’t want to be simply a “remake studio”. While they value and love their independence, they also realize the industry is rapidly growing and evolving. Their decision regarding the deal doesn’t come as a surprise as they feel comfortable with their existing partnership with Sony.

From Sony’s Angle

Bluepoint has a good relationship with other SIE Studios, particularly Sony Japan Studios. The expertise, skill, and tech that Bluepoint has for their remakes can be used for future projects not necessarily made by them. Not just that, but Sony was very impressed with the work-ethic at Bluepoint.

According to Marsipan’s sources, the deal should be finalized and announced shortly. He’s been told that it should happen before February 28, 2021.

Spiel Times Exclusive

In our discussion with Marsipan, they told us that their source talked about the acquisition deal only last week. It has been, however, a floating rumor at the company for a while.

Talking about why Marsipan trusts their source, they told us that they know each other in-real-life for a few years now.

Talking about Bluepoint’s view with the acquisition, Marsipan said, “They (their source) were adamant about the point about Bluepoint wanting to create their own IP, it seems like it’s their biggest goal as a studio.”

Should You Trust This?

Of course not. Since rumors can’t be trusted unless they are from highly credible known sources, say, Jason Schreier. Those don’t count as rumors though, but early news bytes. Marsipan, however, writes, “I want to be crystal clear that I’ve gotten this piece of information from someone I trust, that I believe have a very good reason to know something like this.”

They’ve talked with Transistor, a moderator at ResetEra regarding this, and they’ve agreed to get their account banned if the rumor doesn’t turn out to be true before February 28, 2021.

What’s More?

We’re currently in talks with Marsipan regarding the rumor and their sources. We’ll be putting out a detailed piece with more input based on what they and their sources provide us.

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