Mob Psycho 100 Anime voice actor Sakurai Takahiro has lately been part of a love scandal. The voice actor has notably dubbed many support and primary characters in notably famous anime shows. Sakurai, the voice of Reigen Arataka in Mob Psycho 100, Demon Slayer Voice Actor of Giyu Tomoika, and Jujutsu Kaisen voice actor for Getou Suguru confirmed his extramarital affair. The popular seiyuu did so in the very radio show he hosted after which the show went off-air.

A weekly revealed the Anime voice actor Sakurai Takahiro scandal 

Sakurai Takahiro japanese voice actor

Anime voice actor Mr. Sakurai Takahiro’s comments on his extramarital affair came after the Weekly Bunshun newspaper published his affair on their outlet. Coming from J-List Blog, Takahiro took to his radio show whose final episode he listed as “P.S. I’m Fine. Takahiro.”  Sakurai has been married to his wife for over two decades, whereas his extramarital affair has been going on for ten years and more.

Giyuu Tomoika voice actor
Giyuu Tomoika, via

Fans quickly took to the internet to make a rampage about the same. The voice actor was diligent in his acceptance, however. He apologized to everyone whom he let down. Sakura joined “INTENTION” founded by Kenichi Suzumura on July 20, 2014. His very apology came through this agency’s means as they published Sakurai’s apology letter on their website.

Sakurai Takahiro scandal demanded the Seiyuu’s apology

Getou Suguru
Getou Suguru is voiced by Sakurai, courtesy of Studio Mappa

“I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone from the bottom of my heart for any inconvenience caused by my inappropriate behavior.” It is notable that even the staff of INTENTION did not know about the anime voice actor’s extramarital affair.

“This incident is the result of my irresponsible behavior; my actions are in no way excusable, and I deeply regret that I betrayed everyone’s trust. From now on, I will seriously reflect upon my behavior and make a sincere effort to regain the trust I’ve lost. I’m truly sorry for what I’ve done.”

The current situation of the anime voice actor with his affair and his wife

Anime voice actor Sakurai Takahiro scandal
Takahiro, snapped at Tokyo International Film Festival

Japanese voice actor Sakurai referred to the woman he cheated with as “A-ko” and is a broadcast staffer. A-ko throughout the years was unaware of Sakurai’s marital status and was devasted when Bunshun weekly revealed the same. She reportedly left her job ever since the shocking revelations. It is reported that she sought care at a hospital and needed to be admitted to the emergency room. Sakurai’s condition with his current wife is still pending and nothing definitive has come out.

Why does an Anime Voice Actor’s Scandal matter?

Japanese voice actor Sakurai

The scene with extramarital affairs in Japan is pretty serious. The state holds married couples responsible for their marriage and bids under a legal obligation to remain faithful. To have a better understanding of the cultural repercussion and the societal impression of this, imagine a famous actor being struck over domestic violence charges (Johnny Depp much?) and how it could impact their career. Although in this specific example the one at the short end of the straw turned out to be Amber after she lost the case.

The Anime voice actor has worked on many notable anime productions, including Mob Psycho 100, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Demon Slayer. As such where does the future of Sakurai Takahiro stand? we can only find out in time. Fans are worried that the future of all these anime could possibly change given the voice actor’s impending doom.

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