Dwight Howard’s workout with Golden State leaked online | Should the Warriors sign the 4-time DPOY?

Dwight Howard joining Golden State Warriors

Dwight Howard in the Bay Area?! The idea of Superman joining the Golden State has been going on forever, but this time, it may come to reality. Last week, news broke out that Dwight was about to meet with the Warriors front office. With that, his supposed workout with the 2022 NBA champions really makes sense. However, should the Warriors take a chance at Dwight Howard and sign him next season?

ESPN sports reporter Jason Dumas leaked the information that Dwight Howard is indeed working out with the Golden State Warriors

Jason Dumas, an NBA insider and a reporter for ESPN, shared on Twitter (X) that “Dwight Howard has wrapped up his two-day interview process with the Warriors”. Dumas also added that “A decision could come as soon as today. The vets have signed off on the idea of bringing Dwight into the fold. He will now head to LA to workout with Draymond & CP3 on Thursday.”

What’s even more exciting is that the “decision” could happen very soon, but it seems like it’s already a done deal considering he’s about to work out with Draymond Green and Chris Paul this week. Moreover, Green retweeted Dumas’ post, subtly confirming while also complaining about the leak.


Should the Warriors take Dwight Howard?

We really can’t say if this is going to be perfect for both camps (Warriors and Howard). We also can’t say that Dwight will bring another chip in the Bay Area. What’s certain here is that the 8-time NBA All-Star can definitely help this team overcome the hurdles they faced last season. Here are just some reasons why the Warriors should take a chance at Dwight Howard.

The Warriors need a reliable big man off the bench

Aside from Kevon Looney, Draymond Green, and even Andrew Wiggins, no Warriors player is good enough to man the paint. Golden State has been looking for reinforcements in their frontcourt, which was one of their weaknesses that got exposed in the 2023 playoffs.

Although Dwight may not be the superstar he once was, he still has a lot of gas left in him. At 37, he could be a reliable second-stringer center who can put up 10 points and 10 rebounds with enough playing time.

Defense. Defense. Defense.

Yes, the three-time Defensive Player of the Year will be a great boost to the Warriors’ defense. His rim protection and rebounding skills are still a much-needed commodity in today’s NBA.

Dwight Howard is going to be a physical force down low and do the dirty work alongside Draymond Green. GSW may be known as the team that chucks threes every single play (or the team that started that trend), but they’re also very capable on the defensive end.

Dwight Howard has been in shape for many years now

In light of the rumor that he’s about to be a Warrior very soon, a video of him training and putting in the work has gone viral. There’s no denying that Howard has continuously been in shape for several years now and continues to work hard. Just look at how he dominated in Taiwan. Even at 37 years old, he looks like the Orlando Magic version of himself! Not to mention, he’ll probably be a joyful locker room presence and bring positive vibes to the team.

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