Sims 5: Leaked screenshots show development

A few years back, EA sent out a message that it was only focusing on the development of Sims 4. They even repurposed one of their studios to work for DLC content for the game, as most of the original Maxis changed. Now, it looks like Sims 5 is already underway, and fans are excited because fans have been hoping for a sequel. While Sims 4 has had its share of success, it’s been almost a decade since a new game that can benefit from a new engine and technology.

Leaked Reddit Photos

A Redditor posted several screenshots of a test of Sims 5 before deleting their account. Based on the screens, it shows a small part of development for the build mode. Redditors quickly noticed one big difference with the new decorations. The homes felt more compact, with more items shared within a singular tile than in previous games.

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In Sims 4, rarely could you have two items so close in proximity. The easiest way to do it is to place an object on a table, counter, or a similar surface. Now we have decorations close to each other in a single space, creating a more homely feel.

Some commenters noted that the style feels much more realistic, noting how it resembles the style of most homes today.

A New Sims Game is Long Overdue

During the days of Sims 1 and 2, other companies created simulation games to compete with it, but none ever came close. It’s safe to say that the game has dominated the life simulation genre since the original one came out in 2000. Even then, fans were highly critical of the direction of the last two games.

After the critical acclaim of Sims 2, many still began playing the next two games but also had their share of complaints. The biggest one would be the DLC. Back in the original games, you’d have to buy DLC because it was the only way to add new content to the game. However, it doesn’t feel as modern today, with DLCs coming in at high prices. One has to pay for any new thing added to the game.

The good news is that one could potentially add new content through the game using the community hub. However, since most community submissions were up to date with the latest major expansion, a purchase was still necessary.

Sims 5 will likely continue the same trend, but some modern twists in the dynamics will be refreshing. The new decoration system is a great start and a sign of better things.

What Can We Expect with Sims 5?

The Sims 4 system was revolutionary during its time, but there is much more developers can do with today’s advancement. A more dynamic personality system might be possible, where Sims aren’t tied to specific traits influencing their every move. Newer technology can also add more depth to some of its systems, like school, work, and outdoor events.

Sims 5 is far from any form of release, but a leak is a good sign. These first signs bring in new life to the fanbase.

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