Sony PlayStation 5 Detachable Disk Drive

Sony PlayStation news? We got you. If you’re waiting for the restock of the Sony PS5, let’s talk first about the potential new feature. It is believed that the console will soon feature a detachable disk drive. It’s interesting to hear, right? But of course, it will be a question of why? Why would they add a feature like that? If you want to share your ideas below, we’re glad to hear them. So right now, we’ll share our thoughts first about the Sony PlayStation 5 Detachable Disk Drive. Stay with us!

Sony PlayStation 5 Detachable Disk Drive

According to a report from Insider Gaming, Sony is set to overhaul the console and may be released around September 2023. The said console, so far known as D chassis PlayStation 5, would consist of the same hardware as the original and the existing consoles.
  • An exception for the same hardware would be the disk drive. The next console is reported to have its disk drive detachable. If we can imagine it right now, that is more efficient, right? Having an option to use and play physical and digital copies with a removable disk drive, that’s something interesting, at least for me.
Sony PS5 Detachable Disk Drives
Image Courtesy of Forbes
  • Moreover, an extra USB-C port may allow its users to play their games using a drive through the USB-C port. Okay, so if you’re using the PS5 Digital Edition, maybe this would do wonders for you! We hope Sony would find a way to have the external disk drive work on the Digital Editions.

What happens to the PS5?

Hmm, so this gives us that the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 console would be slimmer and lightweight than with the built-in disk drive. That’s a win-win for gamers then. I just hope that the aesthetic display of the console will stay the same, and the price hmm, can it stay that way still?

  • A few made it clear that PS5 Standard and Digital versions would still exist, instead, this D chassis PS5 would be new hardware. So you can choose whether your console purchase would have a detachable disk drive or not.

  • So now, this feature will be released for what reason? Hmm, I’ll talk to you about my ifs. IF they would offer this ‘slim’ hardware for a lower price, pretty much sure that they would reign the sales of consoles. IF we think of it, this detachable disk drive would be requiring Sony for lesser manufacturing as they would only be needing to make one PS5, and the external disk drive. IF this is what they are thinking about, we could expect that the price may potentially be lower, maybe the same price as the PS5 Digital Edition.
  • But, let’s wait for that to happen. Hopefully, we’ll get to see what they have ahead of us in 2023! Do remember that none of this is official yet, so we can consider this as a rumor, at least as of now. If we can clearly remember, Sony has a habit or maybe this is part of their timetable that they are to release ‘slim’ or lightweight versions of their PlayStation # series. PS2, PS3, and PS4 had their ‘slim’ editions, around three years after their launch.

Would it be the same for the Sony PlayStation 5?

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