James Gunn to direct the upcoming Superman movie
James Gunn to direct the upcoming Superman movie (Image via Getty Images / DC)

The search for the lead actors for Superman: Legacy is underway, with rumors and reports citing several actors who have supposedly attended auditions. James Gunn, the director of Superman: Legacy, recently stated that he hadn’t chosen any particular actors to play this most recent big-screen portrayal of the Man of Steel. He has hired a casting director, so the viewers and the fans may now know the age range of the candidates they’ll be considering for the role.

James Gunn focuses on casting prominent characters for his Superman film, with David Corenswet, Nicholas Hoult, and Andrew Richardson all considered to portray Clark Kent or Superman, according to the Wrap. Samara Weaving, Emma Mackey, and Rachel Brosnahan are all said to have auditioned for the role of Lois Lane. Interestingly, Gunn is reportedly open to casting African American actors to play Superman’s archenemy Lex Luthor.

James Gunn’s Superman Legacy: Who would play Superman?

The rumoured cast of Superman Legacy
The rumored cast of Superman Legacy (Image via Getty Images / Neil Grabowsky / Wiki Commons)

Without question, two roles in Hollywood will always send hearts racing and rumor mills into overdrive. Both positions have opened up in a fascinating period and must be filled. One of them is that of James Bond, the venerable British spy with a license to kill, and most recently, this role was played by Daniel Craig.

The other role is none other than Superman, of course. Henry Cavill was the final person to don the cape. As the audiences move closer to casting the most recent Man of Steel, the buzz has started to spread.

On the Superman front, Superman: Legacy is reportedly moving to the next step of casting. It has reportedly reached a vital point with shortlists allegedly being put up.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Corenswet marks as one of the leading candidates to be part of the journalists and son of Krypton. He has advanced to the stage of screen tests, which will take place within the next month. There are reportedly two more unidentified actors involved.

Other possible casts for Superman: Legacy

On the other hand, Sex Education‘s Emma Mackey is in line to portray the character of Lois Lane. Samara Weaving, Rachel Brosnahan, Phoebe Dynevor, and others are on the shortlist, too. Brosnahan gave an “outstanding” audition, The Hollywood Reporter says. However, at 32, she might be considered too old for the part. Filmmaker James Gunn wants to use 20-somethings to create his universe.

In the meantime, rumors claim that Nicholas Hoult may play Superman or the famous Lex Luthor villain. His name has been mentioned for weeks, and one source even stated that “the studio has loved him since Fury Road.”

According to the Wrap, Gunn and DC co-chair, Peter Safran are “nowhere near a decision” on the movie’s cast. Not every performer is required to screen test, and the names mentioned have only been considered among other actors.

In response to the claim, Gunn said that he would never reveal the name of the person who is choosing to audition for the part. “That is solely the actor’s business, and I wouldn’t make it public unless they did it first,” he added.

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