Take-Two verified the production of no less than “6 iterations for titles already released” within the first quarterly evaluation of the current fiscal year. The publisher was extra diligent not to drop names in order to please the investors while preserving updates under the radar. However, it’s possible that beloved GTAs will resurface as a result of elimination and attention to the rumor mills.

Undoubtedly, even if we exclude GTA Online’s potential standalone edition, Kerbal Space Program’s release on these platforms, and GTA 5: Extended and Enhanced, the new release of Grand Theft Auto V for next-gen gaming systems, we still have three titles to uncover.

Why GTA Remasters / Remakes?

  • Why should we consider GTA remasters or remakes? Seeing as GTA 3 will be 20 years old this coming October, nothing beats a good modernization to keep you occupied while you sit tight for the inevitable 6th installment.
  • In fact, a prior uptick in mentions of default (DMCA) aimed at GTA 3, San Andreas, and Vice City modders points in this direction. This is the case with GTA Underground; a mod that combines these three games into a single game but is no longer active on ModDB.
  • In the meantime, a well-known GTA leaker declares that the three GTAs in question are undergoing a true remake with the RAGE Engine, claiming that they might be more stunning than GTA 5. Many of the cool assets (such as cars) have been reimagined for GTA Online, according to this post.

For the time being, take all of this info with a grain of salt. It is merely speculations attempting to connect some points!

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