TikTok revives rumor of Disney buying the Bible

TikTok revives rumor of Disney buying the Bible

Rumors spread like wildfire in the era of lightning-fast internet news, where flashy headlines frequently distort the truth. One recent example? The outrageous claim that Disney bought the Bible. Yes, you read it correctly – the Bible.

But before you start seeing Donald Duck acting out parables or Mickey Mouse giving sermons, let’s take a moment to distinguish reality from fantasy and debunk the myth once and for all.

Disney did not buy the Bible

The Bible is not protected by copyright, unlike other religious documents. It is open to everyone without restriction because it is a part of the public domain. This fundamental fact instantly debunks the entire premise of Disney owning the Bible.

The Babylon Bee, a website renowned for its playful viewpoints, released an article in 2018 in which they claimed Disney had acquired the company and had plans for sequels like “The Christ Awakens.”

Rumor revived courtesy of TikTok

In a recent video shared on TikTok by Claretas Voice, the discussion centers around a rumor suggesting that the Disney Company has acquired the rights to the Bible.


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The Babylon Bee’s article

The article claims that Disney has bought the rights to the Bible and plans to release sequels, reboots, and spin-offs.

  • It mentions titles like “The Christ Awakens” and “Song of Solomon 2: Gaza Heat”.
  • Describes plans to diversify biblical characters by making Moses a “mysterious purple-haired woman” and King David a “time-traveling sexy alien ninja”.
The Babylon Bee article
Courtesy of The Babylon Bee

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