Ubisoft Plus subscription service, coming soon + What to expect

Ubisoft’s gaming subscription has been in service for a few years now. The company now begins to venture to offer a wider range of games to its subscribers. Additionally, there are said to be Ubisoft Plus gaming subscription plans’ tiers coming soon, so what should we expect then? Ubisoft has been home to big games such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Just Dance, Tom Clancy, and more. Their subscription plan allows you to play those above-mentioned big titles, so let’s take a look at their offers.

Coming soon on Ubisoft Plus

In May of last year, Ubisoft Plus offers a special subscription service to PlayStation users, specifically PS Plus subscribers. Ubisoft+ Classics adds Ubisoft’s curated list to the PS Plus’ catalog of games.

  • News about Ubisoft Plus arriving on Xbox also circulates early this year. Xbox players may have their hands on the Ubisoft titles soon. Moreover, Rainbow Six Extraction debuts on the Xbox Game Pass, so this should probably be the start!
  • Furthermore, this year, surprising changes may await the Ubisoft Plus subscription service. A Reddit user, hector_evil, may have found a possible addition to the gaming subscription service of Ubisoft.

New subs for Ubisoft subscription? from GamingLeaksAndRumours

  • It came from a GOG Survey. The rumored subscription plans are as follows: Ubisoft Plus Gold, Ubisoft Plus Deluxe, and Ubisoft Plus Ultimate. Well, if they’re about to put out these new subscriptions, we can expect more games to come too!
  • However, the survey was immediately revised by GOG. If you access the link at this moment, you can only see two options from Ubisoft: Ubisoft+ and Ubisoft+ Multi-Access.
Ubisoft Plus gaming subscription, gog survey
Image Courtesy of GOG
  • We may not know if there’s an error on the part of GOG, or if the plans are certainly coming to the subscribers. As of this moment, there’s no official announcement yet about this, but possibly we can hear it from Ubisoft soon if it were true.

About Ubisoft+

Ubisoft Plus started way back in 2019, only offering the gaming developer and publisher, Ubisoft’s games. The gaming subscription plan of Ubisoft offers PC Access Plan which costs $14.99 per month.

  • Since Google Stadia sets to shut down, their Multi Access Plan which is supported by Stadia cloud gaming seems to be out of their choice. The cloud gaming subscription plan of the gaming company would switch to Luna. Significantly, Ubisoft has a special offer on the PC Access Plan for only $1!
Ubisoft Plus coming soon, library
Image Courtesy of Ubisoft Store
  • You can enjoy new releases, Premium editions, and 100+ games available on PC. This offer last until January 19, 2023, so might as well try it out!

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