Unconfirmed Rumors: HYBE’s BOYNEXTDOOR Member Names Allegedly Leaked

As K-pop fans, we all know how exciting it is to anticipate upcoming debuts. The latest buzz in the K-pop industry is about HYBE’s newest boy group under KOZ Entertainment, BOYNEXTDOOR. Despite the agency’s efforts to keep everything under wraps for now, BOYNEXTDOOR’s member names allegedly leaked on an online community website, and they may also have a member named Jaehyun!

If unfamiliar, KOZ Entertainment is a subsidiary of HYBE. With soloist Zico on board as the producer of BOYNEXTDOOR, we might already have a vision of what the group’s music could be. But for now, shall we dive into the rumored member names of the boy group?

HYBE’s BOYNEXTDOOR member names leaked

On May 3, this became a quick trending topic in theqoo, after an author posted with the title, “HYBE’s Upcoming Zico’s Boy Group Members’ Names Have Been Revealed.” Netizens were quick to react to this alleged leak of the member names.

HYBE BOYNEXTDOOR members name, leaked theqoo
Image Courtesy of theqoo
  • The post contains a screenshot of what it looks like — an online music store. In the screenshot, it appears that the online store wrote and added a part of ‘멤버’ or members.

The group, if this is true, could have six members that include Sungho, Leewoo, Jaehyun, Taesan, Leehan, and Woonhak. These are the unofficial Romanized spelling from the screenshot: 성호, 리우, 재현, 태산, 이한, 운학.

As of this writing, both companies have yet to respond to this rumor. Although we’re thinking that they may simply drop their concept photos to introduce their members, instead of speaking about the alleged leak. Nonetheless, let’s wait for their official announcement about BOYNEXTDOOR’s members!

Netizens’ reactions to the post

The comment section of the post has various reactions about the alleged leak of the members’ names. We noticed how some netizens commented that these rumored member names for KOZ and HYBE’s boy group sound good and they like it.

The post currently garnered more than 300 comments from the netizens. A lot of comments are about BOYNEXTDOOR’s possible member named Jaehyun. People pointed out that the group would also have a Jaehyun.

We stumbled upon comments that wondered if he’ll also have the handsome visual like the other idols named Jaehyun. NCT, N.Flying, Golden Child, and THE BOYZ all have a Jaehyun on their teams, BOYNEXTDOOR’s Jaehyun should be a new addition to the same-name idols!

BOYNEXTDOOR jaehyun, member names
Screengrab Courtesy of theqoo

Other comments have been thinking of ways to shorten BOYNEXTDOOR. An anonymous commenter even complained about why boy groups nowadays have such long names. So, some took it upon themselves to suggest shorter terms like BND, while some commented B&D. Funny enough, some comments say that it can be shortened to ‘Bandy,’ ‘BoNecDo,’ and even ‘BoNec.’

HYBE KOZ entertainment boy group, comments
Screengrab Courtesy of theqoo


While nothing much has been revealed about this upcoming HYBE and KOZ Entertainment boy group, BOYNEXTDOOR slates to debut on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, at 6 P.M. KST. They already released the pre-order for their first single album entitled “WHO!”

  • If you wish to purchase BOYNEXTDOOR’s upcoming album, then you may head to the Weverse Shop. Furthermore, you can also visit YES24, Aladin, Music Plant, Music Korea, Blue Dream Media, and KTown Korea. Visit BOYNEXTDOOR’s Tweet regarding the official pre-order links of these online stores!
  • Also, the group prepares to participate as well in the upcoming 2023 Weverse Con Festival happening on June 10 to 11, 2023. Check out their official social media, so you may follow them for the latest updates!

Do you think of stanning BOYNEXTDOOR when their music comes out? Let us know your thoughts about the debuting HYBE boy group! You can also share any questions you have about Kpop in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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