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Riot Games have once again teased us with an insight about Valorant’s upcoming 8th map!

This location is a potential prime candidate for the 8th map. A particular line in this blog post turned many heads, “As for what comes next on ‘map 8’, no spoilers, but you might find some clues in those Fracture emails. Hopefully, they’re not lost in your spam folder.”

  • A well-known reliable data miner revealed that the highlighted emails present in the development blog post have teasers of the new upcoming map to verify this particular news.
  • These email teasers are also embedded in the game currently. And with such a revelation, it sealed the deal of Valorant’s 8th map’s location. There has been much speculation about this map, and we must take it with a pinch of salt. Much of the ongoing assumptions revolve around the possibility of geo-dome.


Fracture released in the ranked mode has mixed reviews. This was especially in regard to the competitive ranked experience. The layout of this map which resembles an H-shape proved to be a bit too confusing when multiple sides attacked. However, in a recent Valorant Development Blog, Riot Games delve into the creative process behind this map’s creation. This gave viewers and players an in-depth insight into Fracture.

Well, after introducing the seventh map, Fracture, the new map in Valorant will be a refreshing breath of fresh air!

Image Courtesy: Valorant Wiki

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