Where is Shannon Sharpe headed next? | Top destinations for the former Undisputed host

Shannon Sharpe next destination

It has already been more than a month since Shannon Sharpe left FS1’s Undisputed and a lot of people are already wondering what TV’s favorite uncle is up to these days. Sharpe is a face and voice everyone remembers and his fans are missing him in action. After his stint with Skip Bayless, where is Shannon Sharpe headed next?

Become a “contributor” on ESPN’s First Take and work alongside Stephen A. Smith

Since leaving FS1, Shannon Sharpe has been a hot commodity for sports studios. One of which is ESPN. According to FrontOfficeSports.com, Sharpe has met with ESPN with a potential high-profile “contributor” position in the studio’s highest-rated show, First Take. The 55-year-old celebrity will be working alongside renowned sports analyst Stephen A. Smith.

However, Sharpe will not be a co-host, but rather one of the rotating cast of sports personalities that will debate with Smith. Knowing that he’s had great success with Skip Bayless and FS1’s Undisputed, it would be great to see Sharpe and Smith go at each other on air. As of now, First Take’s contributors include NFL Network’s Michael Irvin, Sirius XM’s Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, and ESPN’s very own Ryan Clark. In addition, if Shannon Sharpe does agree to take part in First Take, ESPN would make a deal allowing him to continue his Club Shay Shay podcast while also still being signed with sports betting operator FanDuel TV. Talk about hitting three projects in one move!

Replace Pat McAfee in FanDuel TV

After leaving Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe immediately became a free agent. The three-time Super Bowl champion has been having a lot of suitors. One notable studio is FanDuel TV. A month earlier, FanDuel lost Pat McAfee and is looking for a replacement. Despite being offered a lucrative deal, McAfee pursued his career on ESPN.

Since McAfee’s departure, FanDuel has had its eyes on Shannon Sharpe, who had just left Undisputed. If Unc Shannon decides to join FanDuel, he will automatically be the network’s biggest star.

Go back to CBS and focus on NFL postgame or pregame shows

For almost a decade, Shannon Sharpe graced a lot of NFL fans with his wit and humor on CBS NFL Today. Aside from that, he was also part of the Sprint Halftime Show and Subway Postgame Show. After retiring from professional football, Sharpe immediately carved his way as one of the most beloved commentators and analysts on television.

His time on CBS was great, but he blossomed once he joined FS1’s Undisputed. It was unfortunate that CBS had to let go of the NFL Hall-of-Famer in 2014 despite being one of the most celebrated athletes of his time. At this stage in his life, he could return to where it all started and enjoy pregame, postgame, or halftime shows. With that, he will be away from debacles and debates he has been used to for several years and more on summaries, recaps, and commentaries.

Focus on his podcast Club Shay Shay

Sharpe’s sports podcast called Club Shay Shay already has 1.23 Million subscribers and business is booming. Staying here would not be his best option now knowing he can score huge contracts from ESPN, FanDuel, CBS, or other networks with his talents.

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