La Signora is probably at the top of tier rankings of Genshin’s upcoming characters. Her presence, however, is still melancholic because she isn’t playable just yet. However, if enough fans of fictional characters scream in unison, the devs may launch a playable edition of her!

Who is La Signora?

  • La Signora prefers the catalyst as her primary tool, rendering her a spellcaster, like most catalyst users in the game.
  • She is the 8th Fatui Harbinger who has Cryo capabilities.
    • She’s can generate a freezing field that can immobilize even the most dangerous opponents. Her Vision amulet appears to be concealed.
  • La Signora originated from the frigid territories of Snezhnaya.
    • Snezhnaya is Teyvat’s fictitious counterpart for Russia.

  • The vast majority of Vision users are cold-blooded killers. La Signora is no exception, having demonstrated that she is capable of killing Venti.
  • Her main goal is to gather all 7 Gnosis from the Archons.
    • Currently holds 3 out of the 7.
  • Even if she plays the ideal antagonist, Signora will almost certainly have a story that will heat up her frozen heart.
    • Zhongli had no qualms about handing over his Gnosis to her, implying that he comprehends the Tsaritsa’s strategy!

Is She Playable?

  • Snezhnaya Region and La Signora will probably be playable. It’ll just take a few months, if not years, to get it. Snezhnaya’s significance in Teyvat and Liyue, however, is unquestionable and frequently intrusive.

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