NBA: Will Tyler Herro play for Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets in game 3? | Injury update

Tyler Herro Injury Updates May 22 2023

It has been a wild and fantastic journey for the Miami Heat, but it seems they’re missing one of their best players. The reigning sixth man of the year, Tyler Herro, has already missed most of the postseason after a hand injury he got in the first round against the Milwaukee Bucks. Heat fans have been wondering – When will Tyler Herro play again? Will he be back in the NBA Finals? What’s the latest update on his injuries? Let’s answer all of that in this article. So, stay tuned and scroll down below to learn more about the latest updates on star shooting guard Tyler Herro.

Various sources: Tyler Herro could possibly return in game 3 against the Nuggets

Initially, reports have suggested that the injured Tyler Herro could return in game 3 of the NBA Finals. When the Miami Heat was still up against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, NBA Insider Chris Haynes said that he’s expected to return to the Heat’s lineup in game 3 of the Finals.

Last week, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Tyler Herro is looming for a return in game 2. He was close to playing and seemed ready to suit up for game 2. However, the Miami Heat organization did not let the 23-year-old star play against the Denver Nuggets in Colorado. Herro was listed as out due to a fractured hand he acquired in game 1 of the first round of the 2023 playoffs.

Fortunately, Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra made a very promising statement regarding Tyler Herro’s status

Erik Spoelstra had some excellent news for Heat fans. According to the veteran coach, Tyler Herro is making great progress despite having a possible season-ending injury.

“He is progressing. We’re really encouraged by the progress. He started doing contact work as soon as we got to Denver. We have to maintain perspective. We want to be responsible about this,” Spoelstra told Clutch Points during the postgame interview after game 2.

Initially, it was reported that Tyler Herro would need at least four to six weeks for his hand to recover completely. After his surgery, he was required to wear a brace for protection. Although that brace was already long removed, and Herro was already spotted working out and making shots, he is still yet to make his anticipated comeback to the court.

That said, Tyler Herro could play in game 3. His recovery is already on schedule, and he is making fantastic progress.

How could Tyler Herro boost the Miami Heat’s offense?

Miami Heat is a very tenacious and determined team, to say the least. Jimmy Butler, the team’s undeniable leader and superstar, has led a team filled with undrafted talented players to the NBA Finals. Not long ago, they were battling for a playoff spot in the Play-In tournament. But now, they’re just three games away from winning the Larry O’Brien trophy.

The Heat’s offense heavily relies on Jimmy Butler’s production. Helping him are guys like Bam Adebayo and a pool of undrafted players like Duncan Robinson, Max Strus, Gabe Vincent, and the surprising Caleb Martin. This team has already made the impossible by making the Finals, and that alone is already an impressive feat. Their defense is phenomenal, but their offense is also very well-rounded.

Putting back Tyler Herro, a 20-point-per-game shooting guard, back on the roster would be deadly for the Denver Nuggets. They managed to steal one game in Denver, and God knows what they could do at home. Nonetheless, a healthy Tyler Herro will significantly boost the Heat’s offense. Not only will he be adding double-digit scoring to the team, but he will also be a threat on the perimeter.

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