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Everyone who’s tuned in to pro wrestling since the late 1990s knows Shane McMahon. He is the son of WWE owner Vince McMahon and has been an in-ring personality for most of his career. While he’s worked on and off with WWE, he seemingly made his return in the latest Royal Rumble held last January 29. He even made the top 3, alongside Drew McIntyre and the eventual winner, Brock Lesnar.

News of dissent backstage because of Shane McMahon started spreading days later.

He reportedly bullied producers, writers, and wrestlers alike. He was also forcing the creative team to build the Royal Rumble around him. According to several sources, he was among a few people backstage pushing for a Shane vs. Seth Rollins feud.

While it’s hard to find what is definitive unless someone speaks out, those in creative hear that plans have not changed. Shane McMahon will not be a part of any foreseeable future events in WWE, and some even heard that the term used was “let go.” Before that, the rumor was that he was participating in the Elimination Chamber event.

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Some in wrestling circles believe that Shane became the fall guy after the poor reception of the Royal Rumble event in general. Critics did not enjoy the show, calling it predictable and boring. Only time will tell if Shane will speak up or if he’ll return in the future in some capacity.

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