The latest episode of WWE Smackdown (October 23, 2022) saw another promo from the recently returned Bray Wyatt. He cut another cryptic promo with his background music growing louder over time. Many believed that it was a technical error, while others pointed out that there was likely a symbolism of his words getting drowned out. While many were left wanting more, a segment aired later that night that further fueled speculation.

Uncle Howdy?

Similar to the previous week, the masked Bray Wyatt returned for another video package on WWE Smackdown with bizarre imagery. By the end of this video package, the camera stopped to show a bearded man with a hat and crown of thorns. It isn’t sure whether or not this was a mask or a person because of the lightning. When figure appeared, a voice spoke the words:


Fans pointed out that the voice that spoke wasn’t from Bray Wyatt, nor was it an edited version of his voice. Instead, it seemed like another character altogether. The word Howdy seems to fuel rumors that this is the Uncle Howdy that WWE trademarked a few weeks back. There was a trademark alongside the name Uncle Harper, a name likely paying homage to the deceased Luke Harper.

A New Tag Team on WWE Smackdown?

Fans who watch ROH or Impact immediately pointed out that the voice resembled that of Vinny Marseglia or Vincent. It coincides with the report that he was spotted backstage in WWE a week before, even though he is not part of the roster. He and his tag team partner Dutch, have not yet signed any new contracts. They are also both close friends of Bray Wyatt.

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Bray Wyatt alluded to righting wrongs and doing horrible things without regret. The Wyatt6 tease on social media and his debut alluded to a potential faction forming around him. Uncle Howdy and Uncle Harper breaks the current rumors of the Wyatt 6 being the former Firefly Funhouse characters coming to life.

A New Wyatt 6 Theory

One of the prevailing theories following the Howdy reveal stated that the Firefly Funhouse characters aren’t Wyatt 6 members. They are likely six people who’ve hurt Bray Wyatt in some form or fashion. He could be going after people that have betrayed him in the past. That list would include Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman.

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The other possibility is that the two Uncles will be part of Wyatt 6, meaning three more spots remain in this new faction. There have been reports that Bo Dallas, Bray’s real-life brother, will be making a return to WWE soon. Many NXT stars and WWE roster members teased association with Wyatt, though there has been no clarity yet.

An Exciting Time for Wrestling

It is one of the first times in professional wrestling that fans don’t know what to expect. Bray Wyatt is known as one of the best creative minds in wrestling. We’ll have to tune in to the next episode of SmackDown to see what happens next.

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