Rumour: Canceled Fire Emblem remake and other games could “eventually come to Switch”

Fire Emblem

Nintendo’s plans for the 3DS—their eight-year-old handheld console—have gone adrift, with a credible source now mentioning that many of their plans have been “shuttered” and they might “eventually come to Switch”.

These games include another planned remake from the Fire Emblem franchise and other unmentioned titles. In an episode of Kinda Funny Games, hosted by Greg Miller, Imran Khan, former senior editor at Game Informer talked about the issue. He mentions Alpha Dream’s bankruptcy being one of the core reasons. Alpha Dream, for those unaware, are the developers of the Mario & Luigi RPGs.

The sales figures for Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr’s Journey, their recent game for the 3DS, were alarming. Only 11,000 copies made their way onto store shelves in the first month. The game was released on January 11, 2019.

This failure led Nintendo to cancel “a bunch of further 3ds plans”, which Imran says, he won’t be “shocked to see those games eventually come to Switch.”

Later in the video, he mentions the canceled Fire Emblem game. He says, “Like, I know there was another Fire Emblem remake in the works for 3DS and that was one of the things that like they shuttered. So maybe that’s one of the things they’ll bring forward in the future.”

“There’s other stuff that hasn’t come over like a Style Savvy [game], for example,” he adds.

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2 thoughts on “Rumour: Canceled Fire Emblem remake and other games could “eventually come to Switch””

  1. There isn’t a rumor that a canceled Fire Emblem game could come to the Switch. That’s not even remotely what this is. He literally says he wouldn’t be surprised if it did. It’s literally a guy with no information about the subject claiming it’s possible. This isn’t news. Of course it’s possible. Anything is possible. A rumor would be if he claimed he had insider info and was aware of the fact that it was coming to Switch.

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