RuneScape Has Surpassed $1 Billion In Total Revenue With 260 Million Total Players


Cambridge-based Jagex’s fantasy MMORPG, Runescape, has now surpassed $1 billion in total revenue with more than 260 million total players through the course of its history. Jagex marked a 14.2% increase in year-on-year revenue with a total income of £84.9 million in its last financial year.

With Runescape’s increasing popularity, the company has seen remarkable profits in its 18-year history. In its last financial year, Jagex’s garnered a profit of £43.5 million, over 51% of the total revenue. Runescape’s player-base is also at a peak in its seven-year history.

Jagex CEO Phil Mansell spoke to, “We put a lot of attention into game features and community engagement activities that promote long-term player retention and high rates of return from lapsed users”.

“In 2017 we stepped up our investment in livestreaming and esports, with the RuneScape franchise becoming a top 15 ‘most popular’ title on Twitch and players streaming 16 million minutes of content”, he added.

Currently, Jagex is committed to investing in our RuneScape games and reinvesting in its continued success. Old School RuneScape is due on 30th October for Android and iOS devices, while RuneScape for Mobile continues to be in development with a separate release date to be announced in the future. Pre-registrations are now live on App Store and Play Store.

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