Rupert Grint did not attend Harry Potter star Robbie Coltrane’s funeral – Here’s why

It came as a shock that Rupert Grint did not attend the funeral service of actor Robbie Coltrane who played Hagrid in the film series. The British actor better known as Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter world has finally revealed the reason behind this decision in an interview. Read to find out why he did not attend the funeral.

Rupert Grint’s reason

In an interview with GQ, Rupert Grint discussed how the Harry Potter franchise practically transformed his life and career. 

  • He mentioned that his co-stars were all like family to him and that the losses of Alan Rickman (Severus Snape), Richard Harris (Albus Dumbledore), and Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) took a heavy toll.
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  • Speaking of Coltrane’s death in 2022, Rupert Grint said it was particularly tough on him. However, he said he did not attend the funeral as he did not know him “outside work”.
  • Rupert Grint shared a moving tribute on Instagram that no one else but Robbie Coltrane could have played Hagrid. He said Coltrane was just like Hagrid in the books – warm, compassionate, and hilarious.

Robbie Coltrane’s death and funeral

On 14 October 2022, Robbie Coltrane passed away at the age of 72. Having been ill in his last years of life, Coltrane died due to multiple organ failures

  • His death raked in heartfelt tributes on social media from Harry Potter fans who grew up watching him as Hogwarts groundskeeper, Rubeus Hagrid.

Ron Weasley and Hagrid

Ron Weasley and Rubeus Hagrid are two beloved characters in the Harry Potter film franchise. Played by Rupert Grint, Ron is one of Harry Potter’s closest friends and a member of the wizarding Weasley family.

Ron Weasley Hagrid, Rupert Grint Robbie Coltrane
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  • Robbie Coltrane’s Hagrid is depicted as a giant of a man with a heart of gold, who often provides comic relief and acts as a mentor to the young wizarding trio. Throughout the film series, Ron and Hagrid protect and support Harry.

Tributes from Harry, Ron, and Hermione

Despite not attending Robbie Coltrane’s funeral, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson paid their tributes and condolences through social media and press statements. The three actors played the iconic Harry, Ron, and Hermione, respectively, in the wizarding franchise.

  • Daniel Radcliffe shared his fond memories of Robbie Coltrane in the sets of Prisoner of Azkaban. He said he felt incredibly lucky to have worked with such a great actor and lovely person.
  • Emma Watson wrote Robbie was the most fun uncle she has ever had but more importantly, he was deeply caring and compassionate towards her throughout.

While some on social media have applauded his honest answer, others have criticized him for it. However, Robbie Coltrane’s funeral seemed to be an extremely private event which makes sense why Rupert Grint could not attend it. What do you think about Rupert Grint’s decision?

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