Rust has always been a staple for content creation and has a consistent player base despite its development troubles. With the holiday season, holiday updates are a popular way to get in with the times. The ever-popular survival game gets an unexpected update just in time for Christmas. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

A Nine Anniversary Celebration

Rust has always been a brutal game, intended to be that way by the developers. With the new update, players can now do it in holiday style. The Christmas event will run from December 15 to January and features new content.

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One is the change to the mines, now made from gingerbread and cake. There are also somewhat creepy gingerbread NPCs that are now roaming this area. We do not know if their look was intentional, but they give more of a Nightmare Before Christmas vibe than an actual Santa is coming theme.

Players can also get access to new items in the store, which include:

  • A snow machine
  • Santa beard
  • Snowman hat
  • Christmas lights

Now they will be able to decorate their huts and bases, making them look inviting for the holiday season.

It’s a Good Time to Play

Updates like these often see a surge in players as people try to enjoy new content as they can. Given that Rust is now nine years old, it’s astounding how they still manage to get consistent players now and then. The game has gone a long way, thanks to its updates, though it retains its unforgiving nature. For new players, be warned, as you will die a lot.

The game promotes a lot of survival of the fittest themes. Getting resources from weaker players is a viable strategy. With friends, you can band together as a unit, but there will be dangerous competition.

When alone, you’ll often be fighting against wild beasts and a lack of food and water. Likely though, you’ll die from the end of another player’s bullet, arrow, or pointy stick.

Returning players may also want to try their hand at the even harder hardcore mode. It makes resources scarcer and enemies a lot stronger. Players will also have to focus on gathering many more if they want to survive hardcore mode.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Rust feels like it was one of the first games to explore the survival genre and is one of the only few remaining from its glory days. However, it never got global acclaim because of development bugs and because it isn’t a game for everyone. However, it did inspire many games to follow suit. One of the more popular games in recent memory is Escape From Tarkov, which also has some survival elements.

Rust is available on the PC and occasionally has sales on Steam. You can also purchase it on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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