We might, feasibly, have gotten AMD’s next-gen mobile CPUs leaked before their possible launch at CES 2020. Particularly, this all happened after Twitter user, APISAK; he noticed a peculiarly named CPU on a benchmarked system, unsurprisingly, on benchmarking website UserBenchmark. The laptop has an “AMD Ryzen 7 4800U” with 8 cores and 16 threads. The CPU bases at 1.8 GHz and turbo speed up to 3.65 GHz as shown in the benchmark. Ryzen 4000 might seem optimistic for many, but that’s what we thought before the release of Ryzen’s 3rd gen CPUs.

Boasting an impressive 8-core 7nm CPU using the Zen 2 architecture we might witness this CPU being unveiled this CES. Moreover, if real, the upcoming mobile Ryzen 4000 will out-perform the infamous mobile chip, i9-9880H. We can’t wait for next week’s CES 2020!

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