S8UL Gaming Fest Brings Together 13,000+ Fans for a Trailblazing Gaming Extravaganza

The Indian gaming community was treated to an unforgettable two-day gaming carnival in Bangalore this August. Presented by tech giants Lenovo and Intel, the S8UL Gaming Fest was the first event of its kind organized by an esports company in the country. This pioneering event brought together professional esports players and their legions of fans for a jam-packed weekend celebration of gaming.

S8UL Gaming Fest: A Stellar Lineup of Sponsors and Partners

Brought to life by leading esports organization S8UL Esports, the gaming fest was hosted in collaboration with The Esports Club. The event also saw support from sponsors like YouTube India, Mogo Esports, and ACT Fibernet. Their participation with sponsorships and cross-promotions helped make the S8UL Gaming Fest a resounding success. Having these big industry names on board gave the event both credibility and attracted the attention of a lot of people towards the esports scene in India.

Connecting India’s Gaming Enthusiasts

S8UL Creators and Gamers posing at the S8UL Gaming festival at Manpho Convention Centre Bangalore
S8UL Creators and Gamers posing at the S8UL Gaming festival at Manpho Convention Centre Bangalore (Image by S8UL)

The S8UL Gaming Fest was the brainchild of co-founders Naman Mathur (Mortal), Animesh Agarwal (8Bit Thug), and Lokesh Jain (Goldy) – three of India’s most influential gaming personalities. They played an instrumental role not just in organizing the event, but also in attracting such a massive turnout. Held at the Manpho Convention Centre, the event brought together over 13,000 passionate fans of the Indian gaming and esports community. Around 30 popular S8UL gamers were in attendance, allowing their legions of fans to meet and interact with them face-to-face. Getting up close with gaming celebrities like Mortal and 8Bit Thug was a dream come true for many starstruck fans at the fest.

Mansoor “Nabu” Ahmed, Co-Founder & COO, The Esports Club said, “ The two-day
extravaganza has brought sheer delight to the gaming community, and we’re even more
excited to continue making it even better alongside S8UL. Stay tuned for more epic gaming

Getting Hands-On with Cutting-Edge Gaming Tech

Attendees were treated to premium gaming experiences like VR and racing simulators. They also got exclusive hands-on time with the latest high-performance gaming devices from title sponsors Lenovo and Intel. S8UL creators Mortal and 8Bit Sid even unveiled Lenovo’s new LOQ gaming products on stage. Having direct access to unreleased gaming tech was a huge perk for the event’s attendees.

Commenting on the association, Chandrika Jain, Director of Marketing, at Lenovo India stated“The S8UL Gaming Festival gave us an opportunity to engage with hundreds of casual and serious gamers. With over 10k attendees experiencing gaming on our Legion
devices at the event, this weekend’s crowd-puller really solidified our leadership and
popularity amongst the gaming community. It was great to partner with S8UL Gaming
Festival and The Esports Club to bring forth this impactful, ultimate gaming experience on-

Tournaments, Cosplay, and Merchandise

S8UL Content Creators challanging during Valorant tournament at S8UL Gaming Festival hosted in Bangalore
S8UL Content Creators challenging during Valorant tournament at S8UL Gaming Festival hosted in Bangalore (Image by S8UL)

The S8UL Gaming Fest featured an intense Valorant tournament that pitted some of the organization’s top gaming creators against each other. Fan favorites like ScoutOP, SnaxGaming, PayalGaming, Regaltos, 8Bit Mamba, and KrutikaPlays battled it out in this star-studded competition. Getting to see these skilled personalities and influencers face off was a treat for their fans and everyone watching the fest from home. The tournament really highlighted the depth of talent within the S8UL roster.

Passionate gamers flexed their creative muscles in captivating cosplay competitions. After two days of impressive cosplay talent, one lucky fan went home with a new Lenovo gaming laptop for their winning costume creation.

Insights Direct from the Industry’s Top Creators

If you feel the event just had activities, well it had much more. Beyond the activities, fans gained valuable insights during panel discussions led by prominent gaming creators. The experts shared tips and tricks from their own journeys of building popular channels in the digital space. Attendees soaked up this insider knowledge straight from their gaming idols.

Record-Breaking Reach and Engagement

S8UL Creators team wearing brand New Merchandise from S8UL-Gaming on the day 2 of S8UL Gaming Fest
S8UL Creators team wearing brand New Merchandise from S8UL-Gaming on the day 2 of S8UL Gaming Fest (Image by S8UL)

The festival garnered unprecedented engagement across social media platforms. It accumulated over 50 million views of Instagram stories and 200 million total impressions. Gaming fans clearly couldn’t get enough of the country’s first esports event of this scale. The numbers prove the S8UL Gaming Fest was a successful event nationwide and are a step forward for the Indian esports community.

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