Final Fantasy XV
Courtesy of Square-Enix

Update: It’s a bummer. Didn’t happen.

Today’s PS5 event will no wonder bring great surprises and announcements. And one of the many could be a Final Fantasy 16 announcement. While rumors and speculations have been floating around all over the internet for a long time, we haven’t had a confirmation until now.

Jason Schreier is predicting a Final Fantasy 16 tease for today’s event as well, however, he has clearly mentioned “prediction”. But it seems like prominent leaker and industry insider Sabi is confident about the Final Fantasy 16 announcement.

Speaking to Spiel Times, Sabi said they’re pretty confident about the announcement. To confirm the same, they’ve been in touch with multiple sources and almost all of them had positive responses. They’ve been asking around and are feeling confident for “a couple of reasons.”

Additionally, he put out two tweets after we published the article. Check them out –

The announcement could turn out as a teaser, just like Jason Schreier is predicting. We’ll only know once the event goes live.

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