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Samira League of Legends - Release Date, Abilities, and More | Courtesy of Remus

We know very little about Samira, the new leaked Champion. But recently, we got some new information. Here’s everything you need to know about Samira League of Legends, its Release Date, Abilities, and More.

Samira League of Legends Release Date

Samira should arrive in Season 10. As of now, there’s no specific date for when we’ll see Samira in action. It all started when a new emote called Style: Rank S was added to the test server. There were other files as well, all of which, indicated towards Samira. We heard about Samira in June as a “new marksman, dressed to slay”.

To speculate, Samira should arrive sometime in September. But she might arrive to the Public Beta Environment in the coming weeks.

Samira League of Legends Abilities

Samira has an ability similar to Katarina’s ultimate, Irelia’s W, Urgot’s W, and Nunu’s ultimate. According to the leaks, she is “jawdropping”. One of her abilities is labelled as “completely wrong” which could mean she will be overpowered during her initial release patch.

Other Information About Samira

Samira is said to be a female ranged ADC from Noxus. She uses a dagger and a rusty pistol, and she’s said to have a “Devil May Cry” aesthetic. Her leaked folder includes files that relate to “roses”, “petals”, and “embers.” It’d be interesting to know more about Samira once Riot Games releases some official information about the new Champion.

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