Samsung Galaxy Releases Pokemon Buds 2: Release Date, Price, and More

Samsung Galaxy Pokemon Buds 2

Once again, Samsung fills the heart of Pokemon fans with joy, releasing a new Samsung Galaxy Pokemon Buds 2. As a Pokemon fan, you must be wondering what’s with the new addition from Samsung. Here, we will talk about Samsung Galaxy Pokemon Buds 2, along with the release date and price.

All designs for the new Samsung Galaxy Pokemon Buds 2

The Korean electronic giant has recently released their new earbuds in collaboration with Pokemon, Pokemon Buds 2. The new Pokemon Buds are made especially for the long-loving fans of the Pokemon franchise, as there will be three new cute Pokemon designs.


Samsung Galaxy Pokemon Buds 2 Ditto
Ditto Galaxy Buds 2, image courtesy of Samsung

The cutest shape-changing Pokemon, Ditto will be one of the earbuds designs.


Samsung Galaxy Pokemon Buds 2 Snorlax
Snorlax Galaxy Buds 2, image courtesy of Samsung

The huggable Snorlax will make sure to calm your stress just by holding the new earbud charging/carrying case.


Samsung Galaxy Pokemon Buds 2 Jigglypuff
Jigglypuff Galaxy Buds 2, image courtesy of Samsung

The lovable and sweet Jigglypuff is so cute that you won’t want to leave your earbuds at home.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Pokemon Buds 2?

Samsung launched a special Pokemon Edition of the Galaxy Buds last year with a Poke Ball design. Because of its success, Samsung didn’t want to stop there and kicked things up a notch. They are releasing a new addition to the collection: the Pokemon Buds 2.

  • Note that this Pokemon Buds 2 series only differ in the earbud’s case.
  • What’s inside (the buds) is all the same.
  • The retail package also contains stickers with various Pokemon.

Despite its adorable appearance, there are still some flaws in the design of this series. It sits on the line between uncomfortable and adorable, and the additional decoration makes it difficult to pocket the charging cases comfortably. However, don’t let that stop you if you’re a big Pokemon lover.

Samsung Galaxy Pokemon Buds 2 release date

  • From June 27, 2023, you can buy this item through G Market.
  • Additionally, it is reported that the Samsung Gangnam shop, which opens on the 29th of this month, will also sell the Ditto and Snorlax variations of the Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

Unfortunately, the new Samsung Galaxy Pokemon Buds 2 is only available in South Korea. For those living outside of South Korea, what you can do is patiently wait as there is no information yet about the product being sold anywhere else.

Pokemon Buds 2 price

There are two types of Samsung Galaxy Pokemon Buds 2 available on the market.

  • Galaxy Pokemon Buds 2 – 129,000 South Korean won ($100 USD)
  • Galaxy Pokemon Buds 2 Pro – 199,000 South Korean won ($155 USD)

What’s the difference between the Buds 2 and Buds 2 Pro? At a glance, here are the differences:

Smaller and lighter. These are better for smaller ears. Offers more advanced noise-cancellation features.
Two more hours of battery life. Lacks sparkle, but has better audio output.
Has an IPX7 rating. The earbuds can survive in one meter of water for up to thirty minutes.

What’s more from Samsung

Samsung introduced a case for the Galaxy Z Flip4 and watch bands for the Galaxy Watch5 earlier this year. The company is no stranger to the beloved Pokemon as they released the Z Flip3 Pokemon Edition from the previous year. These quickly went out of stock, making this new Pokemon Buds 2 a promising project for the tech giant.

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