Saw X: All confirmed returning Characters + Leaked Photos

Saw X: All confirmed returning Characters + Leaked Photos

Saw X will finally hit the big screen after just a day. Of course, fans will again see John Kramer, aka Jigsaw Killer. But aside from him, who are the other confirmed returning characters to the film? And to complete the excitement, leaked photos are circulating online.

What is Saw X about?

For the first time, Kramer will be out of the shadows in Saw X. Set between the events of the first and second Saw movies, it sees the sadistic serial killer visiting Mexico due to an ailment. In the said country, Cecilia oversees Kramer as he’s about to undergo a radical and expensive treatment for his cancer.

However, things change when he learns Cecilia and her associates have tricked him, making him go full Jigsaw again. This time, he works with another fan-favorite, Amanda, to teach these people the bloodiest lesson they can learn.

Sure, Kramer and Amanda’s return has been a mystery to fans who have seen all the Saw movies. After the main killer died in Saw III following being shot by Jeff Denlon, he’s only seen in flashback scenes. But considering Saw X is set between Saw and Saw II, this only proves that he’s still alive. Hence, this film might be a prequel to the franchise.

All Confirmed Returning Characters in Saw X

Tobin Bell will once again be seen reprising his role as Kramer in Saw X. Aside from him, the movie will also feature the return of Shawnee Smith as Amanda after appearing in the first Saw movie. She also returned in Saw II and Saw III as Jigsaw’s apprentice. The latter film saw her death.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

Bell and Amanda are the only confirmed returning original characters to Saw X. However, the film reportedly has a post-credit scene that will bring the familiar faces from the franchise.

In an interview with CinePop, the film’s producer, Mark Burg, asked fans not to leave the movie theaters after the film ended. “At the end of this movie, stick around for the credits because there is a scene where we do bring back people from prior movies that you’ll be very, very happy [about],” he said. “You’ll be very happy if you stick around to the end of the credits.”

Saw X Leaked Photos

To give fans a glimpse of the said post-credits scene, Redditor Prosecutie05579 shared a leaked photo of the said sequence. The image features Amanda and Kramer, as the latter seemingly needs his apprentice’s assistance as he’s visibly weak. But aside from them, this scene may feature the returning characters, like another fan-favorite, Mark Hoffman, played by Costas Mandylor.

The Reddit user also teased that the post-credit scene would hint at the coming of a movie sequel, which Burg seemingly confirmed. He said that if an 11th movie would be made, it would feature more of the returning character Amanda.

That said, Saw X proves it’s worth seeing when it finally releases on September 29. Surely, this film will answer all the questions fans have about the franchise and Kramer and Amanda’s return.

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