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SCUF stated in October that its PS5 “pro controller” would be available before the holidays, and now it’s confirmed. Reflex is a new brand of controllers for the PS5 and PC that comes in three distinct variants and includes Sony’s official DualSense functionality as well as various other customization options!

UPDATE: The first drop has been sold out, according to SCUF.

The Reflex

  • The Reflex controllers are very comparable to the DualSense and will recognize the same firmware updates that Sony generates for its pad. For instance, you modify the way its haptic response simulates the vibration of the DualShock 4.
  • It is rechargeable and supports a USB-C connection, it has a toggle to mute the microphone, and it has a touch panel. Haptics and Sony’s adaptive triggers are included in the Scuf Reflex and Reflex Pro (but not the Reflex FPS), which regulate the resistance to the trigger, arc, or tension portrayed on the screen.
REFLEX $199.99
REFLEX PRO $229.99
REFLEX FPS $259.99
  • There will be other distinctions that reflect the cost, such as a removable component of the housing. SCUF will provide several colors in the coming months. Additionally, you will get an anti-friction coating in other colors for the analog sticks.

More Customizations

  • The Reflex’s main feature is its lower component, which features four palettes that may be customized with up to three layouts. This enables you to preserve alternative game or genre preferences. Varied sorts of levers, with various elevations and concave or vaulted designs, are also available to replace the traditional ones.

  • The Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS both have a “high performance” handle for comfort, and the Reflex FPS is the only version with immediate triggers, a SCUF function that reduces pulsation in the same manner that the Instinct Pro for Xbox does, which is why this pad lacks adaptive triggers.
Image Courtesy of SCUF

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