SCUM Gameplay Trailer : Everything You Should Know

Scum 2017 Poster
The Massively Multiplayer Survival is Way Different Than Others

If you are a open world survival lover, the SCUM is for you. The massively multiplayer game is looking more than promising with its unique way of character customization and level of control. Now that many of you think of it as any other hardcore survival game out there, this one is way more realistic and tougher than any other famous title right now like PUBG and Black Squad.

Recently there has been a 8 minute pre alpha trailer released and looking at the gameplay and range of operations going on in the game, it is pretty much more than just a everyday survival. The game also features a co-op mod in multiplayer matches where you can be a part of a team with your friends to take on the rest of real world players.

SCUM 2017

The game basically is a prison survival where you have to choose from 4 available skill sets, which are Stealth, Camouflage, Awareness and Tactics. The skill set of your character can vary according to the choices you make throughout the gameplay and the story of the game can also vary with relation to that. You will have to improve your skills throughout the gameplay to survive and that is kinda fair to be honest. For example, talking about the tactic skills, if a player has better tactic skills, he can observe the enemies longer behind walls and buildings.

So basically the SCUM gameplay is not very simple like any other game and the physics of the surroundings and the rate of fluctuation in your skills is something really difficult to deal with in the open world action and massively multiplayer game like SCUM.

SCUM 2017 Official Trailer


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