Sea of Thieves: AlabasterBeard Error – All Possible Fixes

Sea of Thieves is a famous game dedicated to players aspiring to be like the free-spirited pirates. It is developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios, released in 2018. An action-adventure game that explores voyages with the goal to become a pirate legend. 

This game was originally inspired by players of games like Eve Online, Day, and Rust. Its popularity continuously progressed since then with the release of Season 7 just last August 4, 2022. Season 7 provides promising new patch notes such as updated features and new cosmetic items. 

On Steam, the pirate game currently has a “Very Positive” rating with 90% positive reviews out of 202, 078. Despite the new season and such success, however, Sea of Thieves is not an exception from bug issues or errors. One of its common errors right now is what you would call the “Alabasterbeard” error. 

What is the Sea of Thieves AlabasterBeard error?

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The AlabasterBeard error is a common error when you are playing Sea of Thieves. It is basically just a problem with your internet. This is also called the Allmondbeard error or a Cyanbeard error. Most of the time, it means that the internet connection cannot cope with the game’s server. It is possible that the fault lies either in your own connection, or the developer’s server. 

When this error occurs, you will be kicked out of the game and you won’t be able to reconnect in an instant. This can be frustrating when you are in the middle of an important battle. Fortunately, fixing this issue is as easy as most occurring errors concerning the internet.

How do you fix this error?

  • Restart your game – when an error occurs, restarting the game is usually the very first thing to do. 
  • Make sure you have an internet connection – it is possible that the connection has been lost because someone else inside the household accidentally unplugged the router. Make sure that your internet connection is plugged in and stable, especially if you are using a wireless connection. 
  • Check your console’s network status – you can also check your console’s network status by navigating to the Settings > Network menu. This will indicate whether you are connected to the internet connection or not.
  • Rebooting your router – if none of those worked, the next step is restarting your browser. There could have been an error with the internet itself which caused the error. 

If all else fails, just know that the AlabasterBeard error is not your or your internet’s fault. It falls on the game’s developer. You can try contacting Microsoft or Rare to assist you to troubleshoot the game.

The new season of Sea of Thieves promises new features that make your gaming experience even more exciting! We hope that you still enjoy the game despite its small flaws. 

Sea of Thieves is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It’s also on Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC.

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