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The Dice emotes will roll 1 die and display the result in your pirate’s hand. You can roll with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 20 sides.

Pirates can obtain 6 unique Rolling Dice emotes if they succeed through the early levels of S5. When you trigger one of the emotes, your pirate will roll dice in their hand and show the number to everyone watching. While the capacity to bury your treasure offers you more control, the ability to lose your treasure to a game of chance provides you with less control.

How To Unlock

  • To unlock the Dice emotes, simply reach Renown Lvl 5 in S5. There are endless ways to obtain Renown, playing the game normally until you reach Renown Lvl 5 is easy.
  • It shouldn’t take long to reach such a level with 100 Renown Levels. You can check your Renown Level at any moment by going to the Pirate Log section of your menu UI.
  • After you’ve obtained the Dice emotes, go to your ship’s Vanity Chest and open it. Use the Right Bumper to find the Emote tab. Equip each Dice emote to an empty place in your Emote wheel one by one.

How to roll

Open up your Emote Radial after you’ve equipped your RD emotes and select the emote the dice you want to roll. Your pirate will begin rolling the dice and show the result.

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