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Sea of Thieves update 2.8.5 The Quest for Guybrush All Details - Featured

Sea of Thieves is a popular pirate adventure game from Rare and Microsoft Studios. First launched in 2018, it’s had a steady stream of players who want to jump into the action of sailing across the seven seas and finding lost treasure. The most recent update for Sea of Thieves is patch 2.8.5, and we get to journey more across the seas as we embark on a quest for Guybrush Threepwood. Let’s look at all the details for The Quest for Guybrush update recently released in Sea of Thieves.

Everything you need to know about the latest Sea of Thieves update

In the latest update, we experience and play through the second Tall Tale that’s part of The Legend of the Monkey Island. For avid players, you may know that the first Tall Tale was The Journey to Mêlée Island. The Quest for Guybrush continues the story, and this update brings with it lots of cosmetics and gameplay fixes.

What is The Quest for Guybrush?

In the previous Tall Tale, we are looking for Guybrush Threepwood. You journey across the Sea of the Damned to reach Mêlée Island, but you feel something is wrong when you finally find the pirate.

  • The Quest for Guybrush is just like the title says. LeChuck has kept Guybrush Threepwood captive and imprisoned him in a dream-world.
  • Because of this, Guybrush believes he is the mightiest pirate to have ever lived.

  • However, your job is to wake Guybrush up from this dream and have him protect the Sea of Thieves from LeChuck’s wrath. The only way you can do this is by partaking in three different Legendary Trials that will test your strength and wits.
  • These Legendary Trials can be found across Mêlée Island, and you must conquer them. If you are unable to do so, Guybrush may never be freed from LeChuck’s imprisonment.

Another challenge you must face is convincing Guybrush that not everything seems as it seems. With him being addressed as Governor Guybrush, you might have difficulty getting him to listen to you.

How to start The Quest for Guybrush

To set off on your latest journey in Sea of Thieves, this is a brief overview of what you need to do.

  • Look for Kate at the Capsize Charters on any Outpost.
  • When you see her, two Tall Tale books will be sitting to her right.
  • Approach the books and interact with the one that says “The Quest for Guybrush.”
  • This will start the Tall Tale and trigger the Pirate Lord to open a portal.
  • All you have to do is teleport to the Tunnel of the Damned and go to Mêlée Island, where Governor Guybrush awaits.

Sea of Thieves Update 2.8.5: Complete Patch Notes

Aside from the second Tall Tale, here are the complete patch notes for Sea of Thieves update 2.8.5.

New Items in the Pirate Emporium

  • Mad Monkey Ship Collection
  • Mad Monkey Ship’s Crest
  • Mad Monkey Weapon Bundle
  • Mad Monkey Concertina
  • Guybrush Costume Set
  • Elaine Costume Set
  • Carla Costume Set
  • Spiffy Pet
  • Paradise Garden Cutlass (free!)
  • Sea of Sands Sailor Bundle (Microsoft, Xbox, and Steam Stores only)

Outpost Cosmetics

New Outpost Stock
  • The Outpost weaponsmiths and clothing shops have received a shipment of new items in the Ashen Dragon set. An expanded range of clothing items can now be purchased along with the Heavy Sword and Rapier, all available for gold.
  • Pirates can also pick up the fetching Ponytail Hair and Silver Beaded Moustache from the clothing shops.
  • Plucky pirates can also purchase the Lucky Hand Wheel, Pistol, Shovel, and Fishing Rod from the appropriate shops!
  • The ferocious Flaming Jackal set has also been expanded, with equipment and weapons now available from Outpost shops.
Season Two Legacy Cosmetics
  • Cosmetics previously available during Season Two have now arrived in Outpost shops and can be yours in exchange for Doubloons!
  • Pirates can purchase the Lucky Hand clothing set, along with a range of unique one-off items that were available during this Season. Pirate Legends can also purchase the Athena’s Might Cutlass and Shackled Phantom Hull.
  • The time-limited Ocean Deep items, however, remain exclusive to players who participated in Season Two.
Refreshed Emissary Ledger Rewards
  • Representing the Gold Hoarders in their Emissary Ledger can now earn players the Tribute Peak Spyglass and Bucket.
  • Players seeking out the secrets of the Order of Souls can earn the Relic of Darkness Spyglass and Bucket.
  • The Merchant Alliance honour their high-performing Ledger representatives with the Merchant Ambassador Spyglass and Bucket.
  • Flying the flag of The Reaper’s Bones and earning a high rank in their Ledger can earn players the Masked Renegade Spyglass and Bucket.
  • Legendary pirates representing Athena’s Fortune in their Ledger can earn the Magpie’s Glory Spyglass and Bucket to show their allegiance to the Pirate Lord.

Accessibility Updates

Aiming Accessibility Improvements
  • Within the Audio settings, players now have access to a new setting to aid them in combat with subtle audio cues. This setting is off by default, but when enabled, players aiming their weapon at an opposing crew member or enemy threat will hear an audio cue to help guide their shots.
Zipline Accessibility
  • Following the introduction of ziplines to help pirates navigate Mêlée Island, a new accessibility setting has been added to reduce camera sway while riding.

Gameplay Updates

  • Pirates jumping and grabbing a ladder at the top will now smoothly climb the last step and ascend more quickly.
  • Players who join the game on a crew actively taking part in a Skeleton Fleet encounter may now find they initially appear on the Ferry of the Damned before arriving on their ship.
  • The Legend of the Veil Quest Book can now be stashed within the Quest Radial.
  • Pondies can no longer be caught around Port Merrick.
‘The Journey to Mêlée Island’
  • Pirates are prevented from accessing off-limits areas of Mêlée Island while progressing through this Tall Tale.
  • Pirates are prevented from inspecting the Citizen’s wares while handing in items to prevent overlapping dialogue.
  • The Clock Tower is now set to the correct time when starting the Tale from a checkpoint.
  • When the objects blocking the mansion door are removed, they will now be visually removed for all crew members.
  • Pirates will no longer become stuck in the ground at Lookout Point when attempting to jump into the mist.
  • Pirates’ movement will no longer feel buffered when walking over rocks near the mansion.
  • The liquid in Corina’s pot now moves as intended.
  • The History Book has now been repositioned on its stand.
Captains of Adventure
  • Placing a Storage Crate in front of a shipwright will no longer allow Captains to bypass the limit on how many provisions can be purchased.
  • Pirates being harpooned away during a transaction with the shipwright will no longer enable the provision purchase limit to be bypassed.
Visual and Audio
  • Players will no longer hear their own text chat messages audibly spoken by other players who are using Text to Speech.
  • Players with the Prehistoric Plunderer ship items equipped will no longer experience visual issues when playing on Xbox Series X and Series S with a HDR screen.
  • Hendrick’s appearance is now consistently correct during a Lost Shipments Voyage.
  • When a fishing rod is equipped in the Tunnels of the Damned, the float and line no longer disappear.
  • Snakes will no longer appear to turn away from the player when being charmed.
  • Players can now easily speak to the Pirate Lord in the Pirate Legend Hideout.
  • Further improvements have been made to remove areas where pirates can push through the environment into the sea within the Pirate Legend Hideout.
  • Pirates can no longer intersect with palm trees at Port Merrick.
  • Pirates should no longer encounter an invisible wall when walking around Ancient Spire Outpost.
  • Pirates are no longer able to push themselves under the environment by swimming into rocks at Plunder Outpost.
  • Pirates are no longer able to walk through a stone wall in the closed Rowboat dock at Mercy’s End Fortress.
  • Ship Trinkets on the souvenir wall in the Pirate Legend Hideout no longer have the same sail pattern.
Text and Localisation
  • Article Two of the Pirate Code hanging at the Outposts now consistently shows as “The Sea Unites Us as One Community” in all locations.
  • Coral Artefacts now show the correct names on notifications when handed in to The Reaper’s Bones.
Performance and Stability
  • Improvements made to initial loading times when launching the game.
  • Ongoing improvements made to server stability to reduce instances where players are disconnected from their session.

Those are all the details for the latest update in Sea of Thieves that brings us one step closer to rescuing Guybrush Threepwood. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you.

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