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A mesmerizing journey of messages

NSFW – Contains strong language

If you’re nice to girls, care for them, promise to be there for them at every moment, Seen is definitely “NOT” for you. I’m warning you again, Seen is a big fuck you to all the nice guys out there who had been through an emotional journey before. Now don’t take my words in a bad sense. Just let me complete the review and you’ll know why I began it in such a rad way.


Seen, developed by the one-man Indie studio Polychroma Games is a minimal messaging with the exact UI of Facebook Messenger. You play as Mark Blythe. It’s November 23, 2014 you get a message from Nicole Tyler, the girl Seen is all about and your journey begins. You both are not close to each other. But slowly as the game progresses, you become good friends. The prologue of the game is just an introduction to Nicole, that’ll give you a rough idea about her personality, her character and her thoughts. Your only objective is to progress through the game, take the right decisions and….. too much spoiler already.

Now, let me clarify why I started the review in such a rad way. As soon as you’ll start playing the game, you’ll be on a roller-coaster ride of feelings and emotions. You’ll begin the game with a smile, that will eventually throw you in great depression. Why, how? Won’t say! 😛


The concept of the game is damn unique and you might’ve never SEEN a game like Seen before. The whole game is inside a messaging app. Going to the park, exchanging gifts and much more. Only through messages, emoticons and a smile on your face.

I must say, that making a game this creative with just two hands, is outstanding. Truly Mickole, I’ve become a big fan of yours.


I already wrote enough about the story of the game. So, I won’t elaborate it once again. However, I still want to talk about the strong narration and character building of Seen that kept me jaw-dropped for hours. For a game like Seen, narration must be at its peak or else, you’ll feel reluctant whether to continue playing it our quit.

But for some awkward reason, the narration feels fragile. I bet most of you’ll stop reading the book immediately as those lines didn’t meet your expectations. Same is the case with Seen, and games of such genre. If at any point the story gets boring, you’ll feel like not playing it anymore. But, Polychroma Games have put everything in the correct amount. You’ll be completely into the game until and unless you’ve finished it.

Character Building is an important aspect of Seen as well. With dull characters, the game would have been just as bad as No Man’s Sky was. Or even worse. After all, who knows? Jokes apart. But because of the beautiful character building by Polychroma Games, Seen will keep you glued to your mobile screen until you finish the game. Yes, you can finish it on one sit in an hour or two.

Story World and Story Maker

After finishing the game, you can explore some more stories like Seen contributed by users like you. Or, you can unlock the Story Maker and make your own stories. Interesting isn’t it? Here’s the list of user-contributed stories we loved reading –

  • Unseen by SpeeDer32
  • Seen: New Beginning by LonelyDreamer
  • New Message by LightningWaffles
  • Seen: Destiny’s Choice by Michael Sodio

Also, share your own life experiences with the world with Story Maker. It’s easy and fascinating to work on. Go try it. It’s worth your time.

annie96 is typing…

Reddit and Twitter followers might be familiar with the story. A creepy short by Pascal Chatarjee that broke the internet in the midst of 2014. No spoilers, so just check out the Shop section of Seen, purchase annie96 is tying… and start playing it. Reader Discretion advised. If you have a hard time sleeping after reading it, please don’t blame on me.


  1. It has a very unique concept.
  2. It has been developed by a single person.
  3. It is an Indie game.
  4. It’s free.
  5. It has over a million downloads.
  6. We rated it more than 8 out of 10.
  7. It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 in Play Store.
  8. It has a touching story.
  9. It has a twisted ending.
  10. It has never-ending, user contributed stories.
  11. It has no ad pop-ups and shit.
  12. It is just incredible.


Seen was a one of a kind experience for me and I’m eager to see many more games like this one. The game was flawless except for the keypad feature that felt really weird. Other than that it was truly a mesmerizing journey.

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