Serious Bug Discovered In Black Ops 4, Pro’s Accept Abandoning Cosmetics

Let's get our bug sprays out!

The professional players of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 are accepting the idea of abandoning their cosmetic objects in order to avoid a bug that could affect the outcome of the matches in the CWL Pro League.

Through the use of social media, in fact, the participants of the event are spreading the news of a bug through which the ability “Vision Pulse” of the specialist Recon is influenced. Even if cosmetic objects are, by definition, only predisposed to alter the player’s appearance without influencing the gameplay, in this case, they can cause a big problem.

Recon’s ability dubbed Vision Pulse is widely used by professional players. The latter in fact, once launched, will detect all the opponents by highlighting them on the map for a few seconds. With this bug, some cosmetic objects could avoid being detected by the active Vision Pulse of the opposing team.

“The team is aware of the problem and we are investigating a solution,” a Treyarch representative told Kotaku. “In cases like these, where the resolution of a bug runs the risk of creating new problems, we want to make sure that everything works for the best, before implementing an adequate and effective solution”.

A bug of this caliber is detrimental to competitive play, especially considering how crucial the skills of the Specialists can be. The discovery of the bug has also occurred close to the playoffs of the CWL Pro League. This will take place in Miami from 19 to 21 July giving the teams the last chance to qualify for the CWL Championship.

The unofficial Intel CWL twitter account tweeted that an agreement was apparently reached. Players participating in the event have agreed not to use the cosmetics during the qualifying match. At least until Treyarch issues correction for the bug. This is not an official prohibition of the CWL. Simply an agreement stipulated between the players participating in the competition.

It is very difficult for Treyarch to make the correction before the competition. There is so little time left before the players head to Miami. But of course, never say never.



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