SEVENTEEN Seungkwan Live: Mingyu, Jungkook, and Wonwoo as Special Guests | All Highlights

SEVENTEEN Seungkwan live highlights ft BTS Jungkook SVT Mingyu

Two of the biggest K-pop fandoms, ARMYs and CARATs, had a field day as their favorite groups interacted during SEVENTEEN Seungkwan live, showcasing their chemistry as friends and label mates. Initially, BTS Jungkook started a Weverse livestream after the release of his latest song, 3D, listening to some music and talking about his group mates. During this live, he also shared well wishes for SVT Jeonghan’s birthday. However, that was just the beginning of the eventful night. Here’s everything that happened, including the crashing of Seungkwan’s livestream.

SEVENTEEN Seungkwan live: All Highlights

The soulful-voiced singer and mood maker of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN, Seungkwan, started a Weverse live last night. This was his first greeting to his fans, CARATs, since the announcement of his hiatus in July 2023.

Although the idol star was reluctant to halt his schedule, his agency, PLEDIS Entertainment, persuaded him after he was advised to rest by medical professionals. CARATs were excited to meet the singer again through the Weverse livestream.

During this exciting live, Seungkwan talked with the fans and confirmed that he feels better now. He also performed many songs, including his famous track Still You, and covered EXO D.O.’s That’s Okay and SNSD Taeyeon’s Blue.

However, the major highlight of this livestream was the collision of CARATs and ARMYs world under the comment section of SVT Seungkwan’s Weverse livestream. Here’s what happened.

BTS Jungkook, SVT Mingyu, and Wonwoo crash Seungkwan livestream

After closing the live stream, BTS Jungkook called his 97 liners friends SVT Mingyu and Cha Eunwoo for a meet-up. While they were hanging out, the Seven singer called SEVENTEEN Seungkwan during his livestream.

However, this sudden call interrupted the live, abruptly ending it. After Seungkwan restarted the stream, he shared that he received a call from BTS Jungkook. Soon after, SEVENTEEN Mingyu joined the livestream in the comment section, stating that his friends were happy to see Seungkwan again.

Jungkook joined this stream through Mingyu’s phone, saying they got together to shoot a TikTok challenge video for his song 3D. Soon after, SEVENTEEN Wonwoo dropped by to share that he was the one behind the camera and promised that he had shot an amazing video.

This sudden crashing of Seungkwan’s live by the 97 Liners and Wonwoo spread joy among their fans, who were happy to witness their friendship—further adding to the sweet livestream of Seungkwan marking his return from the hiatus.

Should fans hope for a collab between BTS and SEVENTEEN?

BTS and SEVENTEEN’s friendship is well-known among K-pop fans. In recent times, BTS Jungkook and SEVENTEEN Mingyu have especially been collaborating on TikTok challenges, supporting each other’s new releases.

They were also spotted together hanging out in Busan along with Cha Eunwoo. Additionally, their recent interaction in the comment section of Seungkwan’s live has made their fans eager to see the stars collaborate on some official project.

However, this is more wishful thinking as BTS members work on solo projects and prepare for their military enlistment. Specifically, Jeon Jungkook sets to drop his solo debut album, GOLDEN, on November 3, while SEVENTEEN prepares for their October comeback, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN. Still, we can say undoubtedly that whenever the stars decide to get together in the studio, the product of their synergy is bound to blow away their fans.

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