Screengrab Courtesy of PS360HD2 via Youtube

Netmarble’s Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is the sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, and it will be playable soon. This is a PC, console, and smartphone open-world action role-playing game. Seven Deadly Sins: Origin will be a multiverse-based story with a new protagonist, following the original plot of Grand Cross.


In The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin, players will be in an open-world setting, controlling Meliodas and his companions in an action role-playing game. The game is enjoyable, with excellent dynamism, selectable characters, and depictions of lively cities around the world.

Screengrab Courtesy of PS360HD2 via Youtube

There will also be an original protagonist and tale in the game. The Seven Deadly Sins Origin teaser depicts a title that bears a striking resemblance to Genshin Impact, another hugely famous gacha game.

Gameplay Details

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin has an action RPG warfare system with MMO components. For example, the game displays the AOE of enemy attacks, and the player is then expected to evade and counterattack for fast-paced action.

Surprisingly, The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin’s strongest feature is that it features underwater exploration. One thing that stood out in the trailer was the presence of various characters who appeared to have their own storylines, each with their own animations and fighting styles.

Screengrab Courtesy of PS360HD2 via Youtube

Each character has unique abilities that will aid you in your exploration. Diane, as a giant, has the ability to carry and manifest massive rocks. As temporary bridges, they can be employed.

Release Date

Unfortunately, Netmarble has yet to confirm an official release date for the game.

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