Image Courtesy of Devolver Digital

In a statement, Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog confirmed that Shadow Warrior 3 will be released on March 1 as previously anticipated on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 digital storefronts. The humorous and aggressive FPS will assault everyone who dares to stand in its way; a whole arsenal of over-the-top weaponry and off-the-wall comedy.

Lo Wang and Orochi Zilla find themselves on a perilous journey to recapture an ancient dragon that they accidentally freed from its perpetual cage. For Lo Wang to find the ancient beast and prevent another catastrophe, he will need a strong arsenal of bullets and knives.

A dead god’s mask, a dragon’s egg, a sprinkle of magic, and enough gunpowder to battle his way through the Shadow Realm are all he needs to get there!

Intense Gameplay with Blood and Gore

Fast-paced, brutal, and iconic 90s-flavored first-person shooters like this one are about to get even better in their third outing. It is likely that the new grappling hook would be heavily utilized in the game’s new levels. It will probably be to both kill off foes and travel around them.

  • The Japanese folklore is the inspiration behind the enemies. However, they have a hilarious and gory makeover courtesy of Flying Wild Hog. Of course, if Lo Wang, the main character, gets close enough, they will meet their demise in a gruesome fashion.
  • The arenas will be filled with demons that must be evaded at top speed by jumping into the air, dashing along walls, and doing double leaps.

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