Calling all ONCEs! Brace yourselves for another treat from your favorite K-Pop girl group, TWICE! The unstoppable group has once again surprised their fans with a new addition to their merchandise lineup – the newest Candybong Lightstick! In a recent YouTube video, TWICE revealed a cheering guide for their latest track “SET ME FREE,” and eagle-eyed fans noticed the subtle reveal of their latest Candybong. This exciting development comes just in time for the group’s upcoming Ready To Be World Tour!

TWICE is a nine-member girl group from South Korea that become a global phenomenon with its catchy songs, vibrant performances, and captivating personalities. With their infectious energy and unique style, TWICE has amassed a massive fan base that spans continents, with millions of followers on social media and sold-out concerts around the world. Let’s now dive into what we know so far about the new Candybong and what makes it unique from its predecessors.

TWICE’s new Candybong Version 3 Lightstick

In the recent cheering guide of TWICE, at first sight, it’s nothing new. Just the nine amazing members and their quirky antics, not until ONCEs landed their eyes on the lightstick. And that’s not the Candybong Z or Version 2, nor the Candybong Version 1 — it’s nothing like we’ve seen before.

  • The new Candybong Lightstick sticks with the circle design, but now features different controls from previous versions, which has fans buzzing with excitement.
  • What sets this lightstick apart is its touch feature, allowing fans to change the colors of the light with just a tap – a first or one of a few in K-pop!

  • Fans zoomed the video at Sana and we get a view of how the colors change. It’s still unsure whether it’s a tap feature or it requires you to play it like a DJ to change the colors. But, check out Nayeon in the video – she swirls her fingers to change the color of the lightstick. It’s exciting to play around with the lightstick!

  • Although the details of the new Candybong Lightstick Version 3 are still unknown, we can’t wait for the pre-order to drop and get our hands on this must-have merch.
  • Stay tuned for more updates on the new Candybong, and get ready to light up the next TWICE concert like never before!

TWICE Ready To Be World Tour

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the new Candybong in action. So secure your tickets for the upcoming TWICE Ready To Be World Tour!

  • TWICE has yet to announce new tour dates, but we’re hoping they’ll bring their show to even more parts of the world. Fans in Asia, Europe, and beyond are eagerly waiting for their chance to see the group live.
TWICE new candybong lightstick, ready to be world tour
Image Courtesy of Ticketmaster Blog
  • The first leg of the Ready To Be World Tour kicks off on April 15 at the KSPO Dome in Seoul, South Korea, and runs until July 9, 2023, in Atlanta. With so many cities and countries on the tour schedule, there’s no excuse not to catch a show!
  • Keep an eye out for updates on the second leg of the tour, which we expect to start in the later part of Q3 2023. Don’t wait – get your tickets now and join the ONCE fandom in cheering on TWICE!

TWICE’s 12th mini album: Ready To Be

ICYMI, here’s more TWICE goodness. The K-pop girl group just dropped their 12th mini album, READY TO BE!

  • Fans are especially excited about the English version of the title track SET ME FREE, adding to the group’s already impressive discography.
  • With the group preparing for their promotions in South Korea, we can look forward to seeing these new tracks performed live in the coming months. Get ready to dance and sing along with TWICE as they take the stage and show us what they’re made of!

We have to get our hands on TWICE’s newest Candybong Version 3 Lightstick! Give us the details, 제발! (please!)

Are you ready to raise your new Candybong lightsticks while hearing TWICE live? If you have any questions about TWICE and K-pop, you can also share them below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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