Shredders Confirmed Release Date; Gamepass Console & PC

Shredders, the newest snowboarding game coming to the PC and consoles will release on March 17th. Aside from the game launching as a day one title on the Xbox Game Pass, Shredders will come to Steam on the same day.

According to the game’s devs, Shredders is unlike any other snowboarding game.

The game is set in a massive open world with breathtaking graphics and animations, according to FoamPunch. The game will also feature real snowboarding brands in the environment and on the equipment. Some notable brands include Vans and The North Face.

Image Courtesy of FoamPunch

Apart from the game’s campaign mode, Shredders will reportedly have an online multiplayer mode where players can compete in various snowboarding contests.

Players have a “never-before-seen level of control,” according to the developers. The game allows players to perform and mix up tricks taken from real-life snowboarders. Aside from that, the professional snowboarders in-game are voiced by their actual athletes. Professional snowboarders like Jamie Anderson, Kevin Backstrom, and Zem Powell are part of the cast.

Shredders may be what Tony Hawk games are for fans of the sport.

Shredders looks promising with its stunning visuals and realistic animations. Players can expect the game to make them feel like they’re actually the ones sliding down the slope and pulling off those tricks. Fingers crossed that Shredders will finally make snowboarding games prominent again.

Shredders is set to release on March 17th. It will be available for purchase on PC through Steam, Xbox Series X/S, and the Xbox Game Pass.

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