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Lost Ark has only been available for a month, but Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has already spent a ridiculous amount of money on microtransactions, which he exposed live.

Shroud, a popular Twitch streamer, and former CS: GO pro, disclosed that he had spent hundreds of dollars on Amazon’s latest MMO, Lost Ark. Lost Ark is receiving a spectacular increase in both Twitch and player numbers since its launch roughly a month ago. The MMO is surpassing 1 million concurrent players and drawing the attention of streamers and content creators.

Shroud Spent $2,000+ on Lost Ark

Despite admitting that Lost Ark was one of the most boring games he’d ever played, the mostly FPS player has returned to Amazon’s MMO, streaming Lost Ark for at least eight hours nearly every day since February 14. It’s reasonable to say that the streamer is enjoying the fresh MMO. Shroud also showed his viewers how deeply he has invested in it.

“You can see my purchases back in 2008 and 2009,” Shroud stated while browsing through his Steam purchase history. “I bought three things in one year for a total of $100,” the streamer continued, before moving on to his 2022 purchases, “and then Lost Ark happened.”

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A week later, he is backtracking his remarks, saying playing Lost Ark has been very addicting. Since then, he is defending it against claims that it’s ‘pay-to-win’. He is also stating that every MMORPG is to some degree pay-to-win and encouraging them to “get over it.”

He’s now disclosed the staggering amount of money he’s spent on microtransactions in just a few weeks. Shroud continued by mentioning his seemingly infinite list of $100 microtransactions on Lost Ark, claiming that “there has to be over $2,000 spent on Lost Ark.” “There has to be.

Shroud’s excessive use of microtransactions has been slowing his progress through the game’s content. Now he says he will pace himself through the rest of Lost Ark’s material. Shroud now plans to keep his microtransactions to a minimum.

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