Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio
Courtesy of SIE Japan

It’s the beginning of a new fiscal year and Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan has made some drastic changes in its organizational structure that will allow teams at Japan Studio to have more space to work on first-party titles.

First off, it has established an External Development Department. It abolished its Product Technology and Business Development Departments. It also renamed a few departments as –

  • Product Development Department renamed to Internal Development Department.
  • Studio Operations Department renamed to Finance & Administration Department.
  • Creative Product Services Department renamed to Creative Services Department.

Regarding personnel changes, SIE Japan appointed Kazuo Kato the Internal Development Department Head, External Development Department Head, and Creative Services Department Head. Additionally, it appointed Naoaki Aoi to the Finance & Administration Department.

These are quite drastic changes since SIE Japan will now have a separate department that’ll solely take care of co-developed games, as they did with Bloodborne and Shadow of The Colossus Remake. This indicates the main development teams at Japan Studio will have time and space to work on original titles.

Earlier, SIE Japan had to work both ways with their first-party titles and collaborative studios. Since these changes, we could expect more original entries sooner or later.

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