Sloclap’s Sifu, the kung-fu game, is set to release on the 22nd of February. During the Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live, a new trailer with the release date was revealed. The game is releasing for PC, and preorders are available on the Epic Games Store and the PlayStation Store now. While the original release was scheduled for fall 2021, the new trailer that featured new gameplay announced the release date.

  • Sloclaps is the developer of Absolver, the 2017 critically-acclaimed martial arts fighting game. While Absolver was mostly designed around online play, the new installation is making a departure from multiplayer.
  • Sifu has a very unique gameplay feature, where each time the player “dies,” the character will be revived as slightly older, slightly aged. The gameplay mechanism is supposed to be a metaphor for the wisdom that martial gain as they age.

Some of the gameplay revealed in the new trailer has also been very interesting. There will be a many-vs-one fight in a small room, where a hanging brush covers the room with its ink as it gets agitated in the fight.

Geoff Keighley, the host of the Gamescom Opening Night Live told already excited fans that he actually had a chance to try out the PS exclusive version of the game and that it “plays just as good as it looks”!


Preorders will be receiving a bonus as well. The game is available in two versions, the standard edition, and the deluxe edition. The standard edition costs 39.99 USD, featuring the base games and two pre-order bonuses that are two exclusive avatars and an exclusive Photo Mode Cinematic Pack. The deluxe edition will cost 39.99 USD and will come at a 10% discount. It also includes a digital artbook, the original soundtrack and players will be able to access the game two days early.

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