Sifu: John Wick creator set to make a live-action adaptation

Video game adaptations to films or television shows are the hot thing right now. Following a renewed interest in the medium, we’re now seeing an influx of planned developments. Projects like The Witcher and The Last of Us paved the way. One of the latest would be for the Martial Arts game Sifu.

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John Wick creator Derek Kolstad will be helming the adaptation. Given his track record with action films like John Wick, fans are right to be excited. Here are the details so far.

Planning Development for Sifu

It isn’t known if the Sifu adaptation will be a film or television series. According to news outlets, Story Kitchen has been proposing the adaptation to developer Sloclap for a while now. That means the production studio behind this new project is a fan of the game and hopes to bring its impact to the screen. Kolstad will be responsible for adopting it to the new medium alongside other Story Kitchen writers.

Those who’ve played the game understand that this is a classic tale of martial arts revenge. It’s about a kung-fu student who must avenge his master after he’s killed. The game received praise for its immersion. The combat system is dynamic and fluid.

Another interesting concept in the film is the character’s age. You’ll start young but age up every time you get defeated. When you age, you become stronger, but it also costs you some of your other abilities. It isn’t known if the live-action adaptation will factor in this unique element.

Early Stages

Sifu is a game that’s difficult to master but provides much satisfaction when you beat it. It’s considered one of the more unique action games in the next generation. However, the new project is still in its very early stages. Kolstad is still completing John Wick 4, which will finally release in March 2023 after some delays. The film will continue the story of Keanu Reeves’ titular character as he tries to challenge the hierarchy of assassins and gain his freedom.

There are many elements of John Wick we could see adopted into Sifu. For example, John Wick is known for its continuous action shots, where it feels like you’re watching the character fight for most of the film. They love using different types of martial arts and weapon combat in John Wick. They aren’t shy about using well-known actors with martial art training.

A Bright Future for Video Games

Video games have always been an interactive storytelling medium. We’ve seen powerful stories like Red Dead Redemption, God of War, and Persona. The adaptations of projects such as Sifu or Ghost of Tsushima could spell a golden age for new adaptations. One where the masses will finally recognize how you can deliver a great story in different ways.

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