Sigma Has Been Unveiled As The New Playable Overwatch Hero

Overwatch players have received the new matchmaking system that will profoundly change fast and classified matches. This new feature allows players to choose their favorite role, with a separate Evaluation Index for each role.

Today, after this matchmaking revolution, the thirty-first playable hero has finally been made official, We’re talking about Sigma. Simultaneously with the announcement, as usual, the video of the character’s origins was also released, which you can see below.

As illustrated in the traditional video on the origins of the hero, Sigma was a scientist eager to discover the truth about the universe. But, this obsession has sparked an energy that has invested him, changing him profoundly. In possession of new and lethal abilities, the character is added to the wide roster of Overwatch as the 31st hero.

The new hero arrives in conjunction with the Summer Games. A special event that will end on August 5th and allow players to get a large number of weekly rewards. In fact, the games allow you to unlock: epic sprays, icons, and models for Reaper, Mei and Reinhard by winning games in Quick, Competitive and Arcade mode.

On the official website, in the part dedicated to the summer games event, we read:

“This year we challenge the Summer Games participants to win Overwatch games and get weekly rewards, including new athletic models for Reaper, Mei, and Reinhardt. We have also added avalanches of other new seasonal objects, available together with the ever-growing collection of summer objects from previous years, and brought the Lúcioball back into operation! “

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