Silence Hands-on Impressions: A Journey to The Whispered World


Smooth narrative, strong characters and unique gameplay style

When you try out a game you’re completely alien to, you make up some exceptions yourself. Same happened with me when I played Silence. By watching its trailers and analyzing some of the screens, I predicted it to be a third-person mode game. And I was pretty confident. But today when I tried out the demo version, the game proved me completely wrong.

Developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment, Silence is a straight sequel to The Whispered World, another game by the German studio. The game has a cool & unique type of gameplay, and a very strong characterization, that kept me glued to my screen throughout my demo session.

The story revolves around 16-year old Noah and his little cute sister Renie. Noah finds out that a massive air-strike is incoming and rushes to a safety bunker along with Renie. After few conversations and many reference to the first game, a large disruption takes place and all of a sudden they’re inside a huge worm. Upon  exiting the worm’s mouth, they reach the world of Silence or, The Whispered World.

I’m uploading my gameplay. Once it’s live, I’ll add it here.

I had a hard time figuring out what was going on during my first 5 minutes. But as I kept progressing, I adapted the style of narration and gameplay. Let me throw some more details on the gameplay based on my experience. During cutscenes, you need to choose dialogue options. During main gameplay, you need to move around with the help of your mouse and click on objects to interact with them. It’s basically a clicker game with a deep story, strong narration and great optimization.

Renie and her voice. Both are too cute for me too handle

What I liked most about the game was Renie, and her innocent voice. Her voice perfectly matches with here expressions and nature of behavior. Honestly, she’s too cute for me to handle.

Nevertheless, my experience was great and I’m looking forward to try out the full version as soon as I get some leisure time. The game will release today in almost an hour on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and

Support the developers so that they never stop making such awesome and creative games. Now, I need to go and get some sleep before my mom silences me for life.

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