The Silent Hill rumors just don’t stop floating around even though Konami has clarified that they have no plans to sell the IP or develop a new game anytime soon.

This latest piece of information comes again from the famous insider- Dusk Golem who felt like stating the few things he knows about this rumored Silent Hill reboot.

According to him, this new Silent Hill game is a soft reboot and is in development at Sony Japan Studios. The studio that collaborated with FromSoftware in developing Bloodborne.

Dusk further went on to clarify that the game is a PS5 exclusive. The composer for the same is Akira Yamaoka who is famously known for his work in the previous Silent Hill games.

Dusk also confirmed that the game is not a reboot and that Sony has no plans to buy the IP, at least for now. From what I can interpret, it’s just a collaborative affair between the two Japanese giants.

In other news, Dusk also confirmed that a new Resident Evil game is on its way. You can read my thoughts on it here.

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