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Maxis sparked some debate with an announcement, a day after the trailer for My Wedding Stories. They will not be opening the new content in Russia. Its federal laws would mean they have to change marketing and development. While they did not explicitly state more details, many fans pointed out the trailer’s content.

The trailer showed a couple having difficulties making decisions for a wedding.

The bride-to-be falls in love with another woman. The trailer shows that they’re the ones who ended up marrying. Fans pointed out that Russia is very sensitive about homosexuality. It is the reason why Maxis backed out of any release.

There were some debates online on whether this was the right move.

Those in favor of Maxis stated that the action reduces costs. It would be an additional burden to try and change the expansion’s marketing. Others wanted Maxis to fight for their right to continue My Wedding Stories as is. That method will unlikely gain any traction in a strict government.

It isn’t the first time Russia has been against homosexuality in video games. They’ve labeled it as propaganda. No content should market as gay, especially to children.

Image Courtesy of Maxis

My Wedding Stories will open up more possibilities for elaborate weddings. A new location Tartosa will come with the expansion. There will be event planning, outfits, events, and other new features added to the game.

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