Six Days in Fallujah: How to join Early Access + Available Platforms

Six Days in Fallujah How to Join Early Access

After 18 years, the long-awaited yet controversial Six Days in Fallujah is available to play. This super realistic tactical First Person Shooter game is now available online for early access. In this article, we are going to talk about how to join Six Days in Fallujah early access and what its available platforms are. Let’s dive in!

What is Six Days in Fallujah?

War-based first-person shooter genres have been really popular since the early era of PC gaming. Fans of this genre are surely familiar with classic war games such as Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, or even Wolfenstein. Now if you enjoyed those titles, you will probably enjoy playing Six Days in Fallujah.

Six Days in Fallujah How to Join Early Access
Six Days in Fallujah, image courtesy of SixDays

The development of this game is an idea that was generated by none other than a Marine who was deployed in the actual battle, Sgt. Eddie Garcia.

  • Garcia approached developers of video games about two decades ago with the goal of enlightening people about the experiences of Marines and civilians during actual battles.

How to join early access

To join this game’s early access is simple. All you need to do is:

  • Have a Steam account.
  • Check the Steam Store and search for Six Days in Fallujah.
  • Get the game for $20.
  • The game is currently in its early access state. If you buy the game, it will automatically let you join the early access.

Six Days in Fallujah available platforms

At this time, the only available platform to play the early access of Six Days in Fallujah is on PC via Steam, which was released on 22 June 2023. However, the game developer has confirmed that the game will also be available through the following platforms in 2024:

What makes Six Days super realistic?

Six Days in Fallujah How to Join Early Access
Realistic Six Days in Fallujah, image courtesy of SixDays

Six Days in Fallujah is a first-person tactical shooter that is incredibly realistic. There are a few factors that make this game super-realistic, which are:

  • Based on a true story of a battle in Fallujah.
  • More than 100 Marines and Soldiers that took part in the Second Battle of Fallujah, as well as more than twenty Iraqi soldiers and civilians, contributed to the development of this game.
  • This game challenges players to overcome real-world obstacles with their fire team by utilizing real-world military strategies.

Not only that, numerous cutting-edge technologies are introduced in Six Days to make fighting more realistic:

  • Procedural Architecture: Reshapes the interior and outside of every structure every time a new game is played. Players never know what to anticipate, just like in an actual conflict.
  • Block-Scale AI: Radical new method of AI that is based on insurgent strategies from warfare. Six Days’ AI can roam everywhere on the battlefield, unlike other games where AI is restricted to extremely confined spaces. They will track, flank, and ambush players while coordinating their attacks and leading them into dangerous situations.
  • Global Dynamic Lighting: Dynamically simulates real weather and lighting effects, impacting gameplay, especially as players wander from dark indoor areas to the bright outdoors.
  • Indoor/outdoor tactical sandbox: Players and AI are able to approach problems from any angle. For example, players may decide to climb to a rooftop or cross rooftops on wooden planks in order to attack from above rather than breaking into a house through the front door.

Are you excited to join the life-like battle of Fallujah in the early access of Six Days in Fallujah?

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