‘Skate’ fans will surely be delighted about this great news! EA and Full Circle had just announced the newest game of the famous skateboarding game franchise, Skate 4, which will be officially named just “Skate“.

Screengrab Courtesy of skate. (via YouTube)

The title already suggests that the creators wanted a new platform for the beloved franchise instead of a reboot, remake, remaster, prequel or sequel. This wonderful news was shared by Full Circle in “The Board Room” update about ‘Skate’. Apart from their recent advertisement of the game, Full Circle also confirmed that Skate will be featuring the following:

  • Free-to-Play gameplay
  • Cross-Platform play
  • Cross-Progression support

All of these are part of the developers’ plan to establish more interactive gameplay for all of the players from various gaming platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. As a result of the game being free-to-play, the developers had also promised that the game will impose these rules:

  • No Pay-to-Win
  • No Map Areas Locked Behind Paywall
  • Prohibition of Paying Gameplay Advantages
  • No Paid Loot Boxes

Aside from that, Skate will take place in a fictional city called San Vansterdam. San Vansterdam is assumed to be a sister city to the first two Skate games (Skate 1 and 2) San Vanelona.

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Why is it just Skate and why is it free-to-play?

Screengrab Courtesy of skate. (via YouTube)

According to Cuz Parry (one of Skate’s creative directors), they want to make a Skate game wherein every update is based on various user experiences and feedback. In his own words, they are “in for a long haul” and that “there will be no Skate 5 through 10”. In addition to that, EA and Full Circle want a game that gets better every time through customer suggestions and requests. The developers also dreamed of creating something different and something that players will look forward to every time they play the game. A game that seems to never end.

Currently, the game is still in the “pre-pre-pre-Alpha state” and EA is still looking to add more players to be part of the playtest. They wanted to collect more feedback and suggestions as early as now. To join, just register on EA’s webpage here.

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The first Skate game was released in 2007 which was then followed by a sequel in 2009. Just a year later (2010), the third game, Skate 3 was dropped and was a huge success in the gaming community. Now, more than 12 years have passed and a new Skate game is finally knocking on our doorstep. However, there is no official release date on the newest entry in the Skate franchise but the developers and creators are optimistic that it will be very very soon.

What are you expecting from the newest Skate game? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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