Skate (Alpha Test) – How to Register

EA Games is quite near and far from releasing Skate, but here they are with skate. insider program that lets individuals play the game, and we’re to teach you how to register!

Skate. Insider Program

skate. insider lets the public play EA’s unfinished game. They have mentioned that they are in the very early stage of game development. Moreover, this testing aims to gather feedback from the individuals who will participate in the program.

Basically, it is a test run of the game, as their goal is to possibly build the best game. So the skate. insider is the best (and first way!) to get a hold on skate. Of course, there are requirements and limitations, and we are here to discuss them too!

Skate. Insider Registration

If you are to sign up for the skate. insider, you need two things! Firstly, you’ll be needing a PC to run Skate. EA may have mentioned Skate as their first PC game of skateboarding, so you might want to ready our PCs, players!

Another thing that you should remember is that you need an EA Origin account. Pretty much easy things to remember, right? When you have your PC and EA Origin account ready, then you can proceed to register.

skate. insider Sign Up
Image Courtesy of Electronic Arts Games

You may head directly to the skate. insider registration page. The FAQs tab can be seen on the page as well, so you may want to visit and read that first before signing up. You can access skate. insider playtesting sign-up on the link we attached.

Skate. Insider Requirements and Limitations

skate.insider Teaser
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Electronic Arts Games

On the FAQ page of the skate. insider, you can sign up for the insider as long as you are above 18 years of age. However, EA drops the bomb that they are to send out invitations to players because of ‘varying factors defined by our goals for testing at that time in development’. Well, it isn’t bad to try, so go ahead!

Furthermore, if you are invited by EA, along with the invitation is an instruction guide on where and how you can send your feedback! They advised the invited players to remember to respect the Pre-Release Feedback Agreement. You can discuss the game in appropriate channels, by the way. We too are excited but we hope you won’t take photos, screenshots, or videos of the game! They worked hard for this for the fans, so let’s respect that.

skate. insider playtests are only available for PC via Origin. As they start to expand their playtests, EA will try to extend the platforms of the game, as well. You can drop your preferred platform when registering for the pre-testing!

That’s it, so far! Stick with us to be updated on skate. insider!

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