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Fans are finally getting a closer look at one of the most anticipated titles from Ubisoft. Here are all the leaks and what we know so far about Skull and Bones, an upcoming pirate game from Ubisoft.

Recent leaks about Skull and Bones hint at a 2022 release date

After fans have been left high and dry for any news about the release of Skull and Bones, all it took was an Xbox Store leak to revive the excitement. But before anything else, always take leaks with a grain of salt as information can change over time.

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Moving on to the leak, it comes from a Twitter user known for being accurate at releasing information about anything related to Microsoft. Last June 29, Aggiornamenti Lumia tweeted what seemed to be the release date for Skull and Bones.

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At first glance, it may not seem like much. But in a previous tweet, they revealed the Xbox Store listings for Skull and Bones. According to the store listings, it is possible that the game will have a pre-order bonus. Here are some of the store listings for Skull and Bones according to the leak:

  • Bloody Bones’ Legacy Mission
  • The Ashen Corsair Mission
  • Smuggler Pass Token
  • Digital Soundtrack and Artbook
  • Premium Bonus Pack

The November 8, 2022 release date was also found in the Xbox Store listing. However, it is uncertain whether this information is true since we have no official announcement yet from Ubisoft.

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Image Courtesy of Ubisoft

But to get anticipating players more excited for Skull and Bones, the game is featured in the Ubisoft Forward stream happening tomorrow, July 7.

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Get ready to see some Skull and Bones gameplay at the Ubisoft Forward happening July 7, 2022

After what seemed like forever for players, Ubisoft announced that Skull and Bones is getting a dedicated Ubisoft Forward stream. The video game publisher promises to showcase new gameplay for the much-awaited pirate game.

If you follow the link in their announcement, you’ll find yourself at the YouTube page where the stream will occur. And in the Description section, there is a link there which allows players to “register for future live tests” but at the moment, the link is inactive. It may become active after the Ubisoft Forward for Skull and Bones.

Skulls and Bones - Art
Image Courtesy of Ubisoft

We don’t know what to expect in the gameplay reveal stream for Skull and Bones. But we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the reveal also includes a release date. For five years now, Skull and Bones has been in development. So we’re definitely looking forward to learning more about the highly anticipated pirate game from Ubisoft.

Here’s to hoping that Skull and Bones won’t sail on stormy seas anymore and it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out.

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